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Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review: The young creative team behind the poignant love drama “Aakasa Veedhullo” was able to pique interest in the film’s trailer and teaser with ease. On the other hand, Aakasha Veedhullo starred and was directed by Gautham Krishna. The film opened today, September 2, 2022, to mostly positive reviews and audiences. So, without further ado, let’s get into the meat of the review and find out if the film is worth your time.

Aakasa Veedhullo Movie Review



After suffering heartbreak in his romantic endeavors, Gautham Krishna’s Siddhu finds solace in music. But things get a lot tougher for him as Dharma Music Production says he’s no longer part of their team. Siddhu’s drinking and drug abuse had a negative impact on his music career. How he resolves all of these issues demonstrates the plot’s culmination.

Cast & Crew

Pujita Poonnada and Gautham Krishna play lead roles in the film. Gautham Krishna helmed the film, with cinematography by Vishwanath Reddy, score by Judah Sandhy, and production by Manoj J.D. and Dr.J. Manikanta (under the names GK Film Factory and Manoj Art Creations, respectively).

Movie Name Aakasa Veedhullo
Director Gautham Krishna
Music Director Judah Sandhy
Producer Manoj J.D., Dr.J. Manikanta
Genre Love Drama
Cast Gautham Krishna, Pujita Poonnada
Editor Sashank

Movie Verdict

Numerous movies, including Aakasa Veedhullo, depict the protagonist sinking into a profound sadness following the end of a romantic relationship. Even though he’s busy with work and raising a family, he never stops thinking about his one true love. The entire thing is antiquated, from the narrative to the expected scenarios to the mediocre acting.

Some of the film’s love and travel scenes aren’t exactly original, but you could find yourself watching them for a while anyway because of how much fun they are to watch on screen. Aside from those parts, the movie is boring throughout. Aakasa Veedhullo is a character’s journey, but the director failed to develop the character because Hero’s character feels like nothing new. This could explain why the story’s central emotion doesn’t completely land.

A talented actor, Gautham Krishna also served as the film’s director, but his directorial debut was a flop. Even though the premise of the movie isn’t extremely creative, the visuals would have been better if an experienced filmmaker had directed it. Everyone else in the cast did a fantastic job as well.

All of Aakasa Veedhullo’s technical aspects, from Vishwanath Reddy’s photography to Judah Sandhy’s score, are well polished. This alone would have been enough to save the film.

Finally, if you’re out of options for what to watch, you may attempt Aakasa Veedhullo.

Rating: 2.5/5

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