Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 Streaming Now

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024: Aha.video is the Telugu leading OTT platform dedicated for Telugu movies, shows and Web Series. The digital platform was launched in 2020 and within a short period, it has become one of the popular digital streaming platforms in Telugu. If you are a Telugu filmy lover who is searching for new Aha New Movies List, then you should visit our article. We are here to help you with the new collection of Telugu movies ready to stream on Aha Video in the next few days.

Aha video Upcoming Telugu Movies

Aha New Movies List contains Kota Bommali Ps, Lingoccha, Good luck Ganesha, and many more. We update visitors with the new releases on the most popular streaming platforms like Aha, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, and other platforms every month, so you can stay on top of the freshest titles to watch. Tollywood is one of the mainstream film industries in India. Hundreds of films are produced every year and it is the third largest film industry in terms of film production.

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2024 – Aha App New Movies List

Name of the MovieStreaming DateAha Link
My Dear Donga19 April 2024Aha Video
Premalu12 April 2024Aha Video
Kajal Karthika09 April 2024Aha Video
Tantra05 April 2024Aha Video
Double Engine29 March 2024Aha Video
Em Chesthunnav28 March 2024Aha Video
Sundaram Master28 March 2024Aha Video
Thika Maka Thanda25 March 2024Aha Video
Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana22 March 2024Aha Video
Mix Up15 March 2024Aha Video
Breathe08 March 2024Aha Video
 Sound Party08 March 2024Aha Video
Ambajipeta Marriage Band01 March 2024Aha Video
Bootcut Balaraju26 February 2024Aha Video
Antony23 February 2024Aha Video
Bhamakalapam 216 February 2024Aha Video
Bubblegum09 February 2024Aha Video
Pindam03 February 2024Aha Video
 Akash Vani26 January 2024Aha Video
Good luck Ganesha19 January 2024Aha Video
Lingoccha13 January 2024Aha Video
Kota Bommali Ps11 January 2024Aha Video

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2023 – Aha App New Movies List

If you are a Telugu movie buff and love to watch movies frequently, then you should take membership in Aha Video Telugu. In this Telugu OTT platform, you can avail video on demand service, especially for Tollywood movies. Let’s have a look at the below portions of this page to check the Aha 2023 Telugu movies.

Recently Aha has acquired the digital streaming rights of Sree Vishnu’s Samajavaragamana. If everything works fine, we can expect much more entertainment on Aha in 2023.

Movie NameDigital OTT Release DateOTT Platform
Keeda Cola29 December 2023Aha Video
Raakshasa Kaavyam15 December 2023Aha Video
Maa Oori Polimera 208 December 2023Aha Video
Rules Ranjann30 November 2023Aha Video
The Road10 November 2023Aha Video
Month of Madhu03 November 2023Aha Video
Operation Alamelamma27 October 2023Aha Video
Suraapanam25 October 2023Aha Video
Case 3024 October 2023Aha Video
Krishnagadu ante oka range23 October 2023Aha Video
Matti Katha13 October 2023Aha Video
Mistake13 October 2023Aha Video
Mr Pregnant06 October 2023Aha Video
The Great Indian Suicide06 October 2023Aha Video
Dochevaarevarura29 September 2023Aha Video
Papam Pasivadu29 September 2023Aha Video
Nene Naa22 September 2023Aha Video
Maya Petika15 September 2023Aha Video
Baby25 August 2023Aha Video
Hidimba10 August 2023Aha Video
Samajavaragamana28 July 2023Aha Video
Maama MascheendraTBAAha Video
Nenu Student Sir14 July 2023Aha Video
Ardhamaindha Arun Kumar (Series)30 June 2023Aha Video
Ninnu Chere Tarunam30 June 2023Aha Video
Malli Pelli23 June 2023Aha Video
Intinti Ramayanam23 June 2023Aha Video
Ranasthali16 June 2023Aha Video
Men Too09 June 2023Aha Video
Sathi Gaani Rendu Ekaralu26 May 2023Aha Video
Emi Sethura Linga19 May 2023Aha Video
CSI Sanatan12 May 2023Aha Video
Newsense (Series)12 May 2023Aha Video
Vetrimaaran’s Jallikattu (Series)28 April 2023Aha Video
Poster28 April 2023Aha Video
Virgin Story21 April 2023Aha Video
Das Ka Dhamki14 April 2023Aha Video
Ottu14 April 2023Aha Video
I Love You Idiot07 April 2023Aha Video
Software Blues31 March 2023Aha Video
House Arrest30 March 2023Aha Video
Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha22 March 2023Aha Video
Boy Friend For Hire17 March 2023Aha Video
Srirangapuram17 March 2023Aha Video
Veyi Subhamulu Kalugu Neeku10 March 2023Aha Video
Richie10 March 2023Aha Video
Vasantha Kokila03 March 2023Aha Video
Kranthi03 March 2023Aha Video
Missing25 February 2023Aha Video
Michael24 February 2023Aha Video
Lucky Lakshman17 February 2023Aha Video
Gaalodu17 February 2023Aha Video
Kalyanam Kamaneeyam17 February 2023Aha Video
Hunt10 February 2023Aha Video
Mukhachitram03 February 2023Aha Video
18 Pages27 January 2023Aha Video
Driver Jamuna20 January 2023Aha Video
Fight for My Way (Telugu Dub)24 December 2022Aha Video
Masooda21 December 2022Aha Video
Vallidari Madhya16 December 2022Aha Video
Raani16 December 2022Aha Video
Urvasivo Rakshasivo09 December 2022Aha Video
Crazy Fellow03 December 2022Aha Video
Dharmapuri02 December 2022Aha Video
Student Of the Year25 November 2022Aha Video
Sardar (Telugu)18 November 2022Aha Video
Ori Devuda11 November 2022Aha Video
Geetha04 November 2022Aha Video
Andaru baagundali Andulo nenu undali24 October 2022Aha Video
Swathimuthyam24 October 2022Aha Video
Kapata Nataka Sutradhari21 October 2022Aha Video
Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavadini13 October 2022Aha Video
Alluri07 October 2022Aha Video
Darja05 October 2022Aha Video
Uniki05 October 2022Aha Video
Chor Bazaar01 October 2022Aha Video
Reyiki Veyikallu30 September 2022Aha Video
First Day First Show23 September 2022Aha Video
Kerosene16 September 2022Aha Video
7 Days 6 Nights09 September 2022Aha Video
Maha (Telugu dub)09 September 2022Aha Video
Wanted PanduGod02 September 2022Aha Video
Degala Babji02 September 2022Aha Video
Panchatantra Kathalu31 August 2022Aha Video
Pellikuturu Party31 August 2022Aha Video
Odela Railway Station26 August 2022Aha Video
O Manchi Roju Chusi Chepta26 August 2022Aha Video
Highway19 August 2022Aha Video
Mahamanishi12 August 2022Aha Video
Malik12 August 2022Aha Video
Pakka Commercial05 August 2022Aha Video
Shikaru29 July 2022Aha Video
Agent Anand Santosh (Series)22 July 2022Aha Video
Sammathame15 July 2022Aha Video
Gultoo08 July 2022Aha Video
Jai Bhajrangi08 July 2022Aha Video
Anya’s Tutorial (Series)01 July 2022Aha Video
Manmatha Leela24 June 2022Aha Video
Ashoka VanamLo Arjuna Kalyanam03 June 2022Aha Video
Writer (Telugu dub)27 May 2022Aha Video
BFF (Series)20 May 2022Aha Video
Dongata06 May 2022Aha Video
Ghani22 Apr 2022Aha Video
Bloody Mary15 Apr 2022Aha Video
Stand Up Rahul08 Apr 2022Aha Video
Hello June01 Apr 2022Aha Video
Bheemla Nayak24 Mar 2022Aha Video
Sebastian PC 52418 Mar 2022Aha Video
Qubool Hai (Series)11 Mar 2022Aha Video
DJ Tillu04 Mar 2022Aha Video
Sehari25 Feb 2022Aha Video
96 (Telugu Dub)18 Feb 2022Aha Video
Bhama Kalapam11 Feb 2022Aha Video
Arjuna Phalguna26 Jan 2022Aha Video
Hey Jude (Telugu Dub)21 Jan 2022Aha Video
The American Dream14 Jan 2022Aha Video
Lakshya07 Jan 2022Aha Video
Senapathi31 Dec 2021Aha Video
Laabam24 Dec 2021Aha Video
Anubhavinchu Raja17 Dec 2021Aha Video
Pushpaka Vimanam10 Dec 2021Aha Video
Manchi Rojulochaie03 Dec 2021Aha Video
Romantic26 Nov 2021Aha Video
Most Eligible Bachelor19 Nov 2021Aha Video
3 Roses12 Nov 2021Aha Video
GhaniSoonAha Video
Love Story22 Oct 2021Aha Video
Ichata Vahanamulu Niluparadu17 Sep 2021Aha Video
The Baker And The Beauty (Series)10 Sep 2021Aha Video
SR Kalyanamandapam28 Aug 2021Aha Video
Tharagathi Gadhi Daati (Series)20 Aug 2021Aha Video
Chathurmukham13 Aug 2021Aha Video
Super Deluxe (Telugu Dub)06 Aug 2021Aha Video
One (Telugu Dub)30 July 2021Aha Video
Hero24 July 2021Aha Video
Needa23 July 2021Aha Video
Kudi Yedamaithe (Series)16 July 2021Aha Video
Vikramarkudu (Junga Telugu Dub)09 July 2021Aha Video
Oka Chinna Viramam09 July 2021Aha Video
Pogaru (Telugu)02 July 2021Aha Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela02 July 2021Aha Video
Jiivi(Telugu Dub)25 June 2021Aha Video
LKG (Telugu Dub)25 June 2021Aha Video
In The Name Of God (Web Series)18 June 2021Aha Video
ArdhashathabdhamMay 2021Aha Video
Anukoni Athidhi28 May 2021Aha Video
Play Back21 May 2021Aha Video
Vijay Sethupathi07 May 2021Aha Video
Thank You Brother14 May 2021Aha Video
Sulthan30 April 2021Aha Video
Chaavu Kaburu Challaga23 Apr 2021Aha Video
Thellavarithe Guruvaram16 Apr 2021Aha Video
Y02 Apr 2021Aha Video
Zombie Reddy26 Mar 2021Aha Video
Gaali Sampath19 Mar 2021Aha Video
Kshana Kshanam19 Mar 2021Aha Video
Naandi12 Mar 2021Aha Video
Luca Alias Johnny05 Mar 2021Aha Video
Athade Srimannarayana26 Feb 2021Aha Video
Midnight Murders19 Feb 2021Aha Video
Krack05 Feb 2021Aha Video
Naarinja Mithai29 Jan 2021Aha Video
Super Over22 Jan 2021Aha Video
Vyuham25 Dec 2020Aha Video
Mayaanadhi18 Dec 2020Aha Video
Bell Bottom11 Dec 2020Aha Video
Nipah Virus04 Dec 2020Aha Video
Anaganana O Athidhi20 Nov 2020Aha Video
Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma13 Nov 2020Aha Video
Sudani From Nigeria30 Oct 2020Aha Video
Color Photo23 Oct 2020Aha Video
Moothon (Telugu Dubbed)16 Oct 2020Aha Video
Android Kattapa09 Oct 2020Aha Video
Orey Bujjiga01 Oct 2020Aha Video
Jallikattu25 Sep 2020Aha Video
Amaram Akilam Prema18 Sep 2020Aha Video
Maghuvalu Matrame (Magalir Mattum)11 Sep 2020Aha Video
Bangaru Thalli (Ponmagal Vandhal)11 Sep 2020Aha Video
Nenu Naa Nestham04 Sep 2020Aha Video
And the Oskar goes to28 Aug 2020Aha Video
Bucchi Naidu Kandriga21 Aug 2020Aha Video
Johaar14 Aug 2020Aha Video
Metro Kathalu14 Aug 2020Aha Video
Trance (Telugu dub)07 Aug 2020Aha Video
Forensic (Telugu)31 July 2020Aha Video
Shakthi31 July 2020Aha Video
36 Vayasulo24 July 2020Aha Video
Gypsy17 July 2020Aha Video
90 ML10 July 2020Aha Video
Software Sudheer10 July 2020Aha Video
O Pitta Katha10 July 2020Aha Video
10010 July 2020Aha Video
Krishna And His Leela04 Jul 2020Aha Video
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna03 Jul 2020Aha Video
Shylock29 Jun 2020Aha Video
Lakshmi19 Jun 2020Aha Video
Mental Madhilo15 May 2020Aha Video
Krishnarjuna Yudham08 May 2020Aha Video
Kanulu Kanulanu Dochaayante05 May 2020Aha Video
Raja Vaaru Rani Gaaru27 Apr 2020Aha Video
NGK03 Apr 2020Aha Video
Pressure Cooker25 Mar 2020Aha Video
Choosi Choodangaane18 Mar 2020Aha Video
Khaidi15 Mar 2020Aha Video
Moodu mukkallo cheppalante06 Mar 2020Aha Video
Savaari07 Mar 2020Aha Video
Arjun Suravaram27 Feb 2020Aha Video
Dev14 Feb 2020Aha Video
Aame10 Feb 2020Aha Video
Mehbooba20 Jan 2020Aha Video

Aha App Features

  • Aha is especially designed and developed for Telugu content only.
  • Every month users can find 3 to 5 new movies added to the Aha Catalog
  • Aha Originals and shows are very popular in Telugu states
  • This Telugu dedicated digital streaming platform has been launched by Tollywood famous producer Allu Aravind and My Home Group.
  • During the Lockdown time, Aha came up with Telugu dubbed movies from Malayalam and Tamil cinema duet to the lack of Telugu movies. And, most of the dubbed movies in Telugu are Super Hits on Aha video.

Aha Telugu Dubbed Movies 2023

During the pandemic 2020 and lockdown time, there are no movies released in theaters and most of the OTT platforms are relied on their original content. At this point of time Aha has come up with the innovative idea of dubbing other language movies into Telugu. Nearly 30 movies have been dubbed into Telugu mainly from Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada films. Oscar Entry “Jallikattu”, Bangaru Thalli, Maguvalu Matrame, Android Kattappa, Trance, Midnight Murders and many other movies are in the list.

Aha Originals

Aha has announced more than 10 Aha Originals that are going to release in 2021. Tollywood big directors, Actors and producers have been a part of this project. The recent Aha Originals “LOCKED” and “Mail” are big Hits on digital streaming platform with good no.of watch hours.


Aha is not a free platform but one can find movies with less than Rs.1 /- which is cheaper in the current market.  The OTT has started with a very minimal pricing plan starting Rs.365 per year as an introductory offer to Telugu people. The price varies from country to country.

Aha App Subscription Plans 2023:

Aha is offering a HD subscription at just Rs 365 per Year and three months plan is available at just Rs 199, as a part of its introductory offer of 2020. However, the plans may change in the next year. The Aha OTT App supports all kinds of smartphone devices, tablets or even computer in multiple devices. In addition Aha App also supports Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and LED TV as well. You can watch unlimited Telugu content with Ad Free Content, Watch Offline option in multiple devices by downloading the Aha App from App store and Google Play store.

Aha Video Introductory Offer

The introductory offer of AHA App is much affordable than many other leading OTT Apps. At Rs 365 per year, the basic plan offers Standard Definition streaming on any phone, tablet, computer or TV at a time. Though we could not compare Aha with other multi language OTT’s, Its competitors in Telugu language includes SUN NXT, Netflix, Prime video, ZEE5 and Disney Hotstar. Prime video provide monthly subscription at Rs 129 per month.

Disney Hotsar, on the other hand, offers its premium non-refundable plan at Rs 299 per month along with free to watch movies and shows. Subscription of ZEE5 and Voot are priced at Rs 99 per month and at Rs 999 per year, respectively. So, we can say Aha is providing the unlimited Telugu content at very cheap price.

Aha 299 Plan

In the beginning days, Aha App has come up with a student plan for just Rs 299 per year. But the plan has been discontinued for some time by the management and seems like the offer is expired now. As the OTT is now fully updated with large stock of movies, shows and originals, Aha seems to be discontinued their Promo codes in India. People in USA and other countries can still use the promo codes. However, Aha is the cheapest of all other OTT’s in India and Outside India.

Aha promo Code apply 2021

If you are searching for Aha promo Code apply 2021, then you have a good news. The promo code for Aha App is back now. The OTT has come up with extra Rs.100 offer on the occasion of Ugadi, using this promo code you can get Rs.100/- extra discount. So, why are you waiting? apply this deal and get Aha App for a cheap price.

Aha Subscription USA Cost

AHA has good number of clients in USA and across the globe. Moreover, the app draws heavy traffic from the Tier 1 countries like USA, UK and Germany. A small portion of traffic also come from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, and the Middle East. The pricing and plans for Aha OTT App in these countries varies and we cannot compare with low cost Indian plans.

Low-cost Subscription Plan

So far, the most economic plan rolled out by AHA for Telugu content is priced at Rs 365 per Year and three months plan at just Rs 199. However, the subscription Fee for Outsiders (Outside of India) defers with local plans. Aha currently has two subscription plans for Indian users. At Rs 365 per year, Aha.video provides HD streaming and support for multiple devices at a time. So, why are you waiting? watch the latest shows, Originals and Movies only on Aha, exclusively for Telugu content.

Supported Devices

The Aha.Video App supports multiple devices. Here is the List of electronic devices that Aha supports.

  • Fire Tv Stick
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Mi
  • LED TV

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 & Aha New Movies List

Aha is the OTT platform especially for Telugu content with an extensive range of movies, shows and web series just a click away. In order to enjoy latest Telugu films on aha, one should have to subscribe for Aha OTT platfom. According to some authentic sources, Aha has gained millions of viewership in its first year. Aha brings you one step closer to full-fledged entertainment with its broad library of movies ranging from old blockbusters to originals.


✅ How to login another person account in Aha app?

If you are a premium subscriber of Aha App, then you can share your user id and password with your family members. However, it’s not recommended to use the app with same credentials in more than one device at the same time.

✅ How can I re watch a movie on Aha app in TV?

Click on Activate device which is just below the Email and Password field. Next click on Activate and Tv device will be automatically signed in to your account. If you want to re watch a movie simply use the replay button or repeat the same process.

✅ How to connect Aha App in Jio TV?

Click on Activate device which is just below the Email and Password field. Next click on Activate and Tv device will be automatically signed in to your account.

For More information regarding the Aha App connection with TV contact the Aha support team.


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