Akash Dasnayak Hits and Flops Movies List

Akash Dasnayak Hits and Flops Movies List: Akash Dasnayak is mainly works in Ollywood as he was born on 17 September 1981 in Odisha. Akash Dasnayak is an actor and politician as well and he is best known for action films. Akash Dasnayak did his LLB at Utkal University, and Akash Dasnayak’s aunt Anita Das was a veteran film actress.

Akash Dasnayak Hits and Flops Movies List

Akash Dasnayak made his debut with the film called Kalinga Putra which was released in 2008 and he received the best actor award, after that he did several films like Shatru Sanghar, Guru, Khiladi, and many more. However, here in this article, we listed out Akash Dasnayak’s hits and flops do check them below.

Akash Dasnayak Hits and Flops Movies List

S.NO Movie Released Year Verdict
1 Satya Meba Jayate 2008 Hit
2 Kalinga Putra 2008 Average
3 Shatru Sanghar 2009 Hit
4 Subha Vivaha 2010 Hit
5 Asibu Kebe Saji Mo Rani 2010 Flop
6 Aalo Mora Kandhei 2010 Hit
7 Sangam 2012 Average
8 Raju Awara 2012 Average
9 Shapath 2012 Hit
10 Guru 2012 Hit
11 Khiladi 2013 Hit
12 Dharma 2013 Average
13 Hari on Hari 2013 Flop
14 Mita Basichi Bhoota Saathire (3D) 2013 Average
15 Sangram 2015 Hit
16 Tu Kahibu Na Mu 2016 Hit
17 Agastya 2016 Average
18 Just Mohabatt 2017 Average
19 Herogiri 2019 Average

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