Ashta Chemma (Star Maa) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Ashta Chemma (Star Maa) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: MAA TV airs the Ashta Chamma series every weeknight at 8 o’clock. Ashta Chamma is a series starring Suhasini as Jyothi, Ravikiran as Sarath, Chitra Roy as Swapna, and others, directed by Gopi Kasireddy and produced by Gutta Venkateswara Rao.

Ashta Chemma

 Jyothi performed the primary part in the first few episodes of the Ashta Chamma series, but Swapna and madhura eventually took over. Aditya plays the key male part, while Virupakshi portrays Swapna’s aunt. Information on the actors and actresses featured in the Ashta Chamma television series may be found below.

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Ashta Chemma (Star MAA)

Jyothi is the daughter of a wealthy family, but she hasn’t seen her family in over a decade owing to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her uncle, Chinna. She gets taken in by a poor family and ends up being the primary provider for her new family. After Sitha, a convict asked Jyothi to marry him, she made the decision to run away. On her way out, she was greeted by Sarath. After he took in Jyothi and fed her, she developed feelings for him.

Ashta Chemma Cast

Suhasini as Jyothi

Ashta Chemma Cast

Ravi Kiran as Sarath

Ashta Chemma Cast

Chaitra Rai as Swapna

Ashta Chemma Cast

Seethakanth as Adithya

Ashta Chemma Cast

Jyothi Reddy as Virupakshi

Ashta Chemma Cast

Maithili as Madhura

Ashta Chemma Cast

Shobashetty as Banumathi

Ashta Chemma Cast

Ashta Chemma Timings

Ashta Chamma is a daily serial on MAA TV that airs from 8:00 to 8:30 PM. Director Gopi Kasireddy helms this one. Drama series based on the Ashta Chamma characters Madhura’s true name is Maithili, and Swapna’s real name is Chaitra Rai; they recently tied the knot in real life. Aditya is played by Sivakanth, and Swapna’s aunt Virupakshi is portrayed by Jyothi Reddy.

Channel Name MAA TV
Serial Timings 8.00 P.M (Monday- Friday)
Running Time 22 Minutes
Starting Date 25 February 2013
Language Telugu
Country India

Ashta Chemma Story

Jyothi, the focus of Ashta Chamma, is a hard-working and responsible woman who is the missing niece of a harsh uncle named Chinna. She is taken in by a low-income family and ultimately ends up supporting them. Jyothi ran away from criminal Sitha, who had proposed marriage to her, one day. She ran across Sarath as she was making her getaway. He provided for Jyothi’s basic needs, and she eventually developed feelings for him. Jyothi and Swapna, two close friends, are at the center of the story. It’s fate that makes them enemies. Jyothi Chinni is a sweet and diligent lady who was duped by her uncle Chenna at a young age. She has dedicated her life to bettering the circumstances of the poor family who took her in as a child.

Somehow, things in her life just keep getting worse. When things get too bad, she runs away and finds Sarath, who ends up being her true love. In light of this newfound knowledge, she makes an effort to track out her birth family. Aditya leaves Swapna after she tells him she’s pregnant because he’s not the father, as seen in recent episodes. Swapna insists that she can show conclusively that Aditya is the father of her unborn kid. In Madhura’s opinion, Swapna must go. Aditya resists Madhura’s efforts to get him to wear the mangal sutra. It’s time for Subhash to return for Swapna’s help in running his restaurant, so she can get the doors open.

Serial Name Ashta Chamma
Genre Soap opera
Starting Date 25 February 2013
End Date 16 December 2017
No.of Episodes 1,321
Timings Mon to Fri 8.00 pm
Run Time 22 min
Channel Star MAA
Language Telugu
Director Gopi Kasireddy
Producer Gutta Venkateswara Rao
Production House NA

All one thousand and more episodes of the serial have been shown, and they all continue to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Fans of the Ashta Chamma series may catch new episodes on Disney+ Hotstar and on YouTube.

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