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Babli Bouncer Movie Review: Tamannaah Bhatia is choosing some interesting subjects and roles that has the potential to perform. She has multiple projects in hand and multiple releases this year. She has teamed up with the talented director Madhur Bhandarkar for the first time with the movie titled ‘Babli Bouncer’. This movie has skipped the theatrical release and available for streaming on Disney+Hotstar from today. Let us get into the detailed review of this OTT movie, to know if this is worth streaming our time and energy.

Babli Bouncer Movie Review



‘Babli Bouncer’ as title suggests, is story of a small-town girl named Babli who hails from Fatepur Beri and moves to Delhi in the pursuit of a finding a job, as her parents forces her get married. After few ups and downs, she decides to join as a lady bouncer in a club. Rest of the movie focuses on the life of Babli, after getting into a job as a bouncer and finding her true love.

Cast & Crew

Babli Bouncer movie cast includes Tamannaah Bhatia, Saurabh Shukla, Karan Singh Chhabra, Shahil Vaid, Abhishek Bajaj, Saanand Verma, Anushka Luhar and others. This movie is directed by Madhur Bhandarkar and produced by Vineet Jain. Music is composed by Karan Malhotra & Tanishk Bagchi. Cinematography is handled by Himman Dhamija. Manish Pradhan is the editor.

Movie Name Babli Bouncer
Director Madhur Bhandarkar
Music Director Karan Malhotra & Tanishk Bagchi
Producer Vineet Jain
Genre Drama
Cast Tamannaah Bhatia, Saurabh Shukla, Karan Singh Chhabra, Shahil Vaid, Abhishek Bajaj, Saanand Verma, Anushka Luhar
Cinematography Himman Dhamija

Movie Verdict

Babli Bouncer starts interestingly with the introduction of the main characters and their life in the village. Movie has some comic scenes in first half that will make us forget the time and start enjoying the movie. But the length of the movie disturbs the flow, as we need to watch a lot of stretched scenes in the movie to establish the characters and the situations around them. Story point of a woman working as a bouncer in the club looks interesting and few scenes in the later half are good. But the movie falls low in the second half with more and more stretched scenes and drama. Climax of the movie ends on an emotional note that will make us think.

While it comes to acting, Tamannaah Bhatia was fantastic in the role of Babli. Though the actress looks artificial in some scenes, she has managed to bring the best of her performance in emotional and few other scenes from the movie. The dialect she used for her character also looks perfect. Saurabh Shukla is decent in the role and looks natural in every scene. Shahil Vaid did a decent performance as Kukku and evoked few laughs. Karan Singh as Mannu is okay with few scenes, but need to improve a lot more as an actor. All other actors did their part well as required for the story.

Technically Babli Bouncer movie is good. Songs and background music composed by Karan Malhotra & Tanishk Bagchi is decent. Frames set by Himman Dhamija looks colorful and the scenes shot in the village captures some beautiful landscapes. Editing of the film could have been more crisp as length of the film might affect the experience of the viewer. Production values are good as required for the story.

Director Madhur Bhandarkar, who is known for his making style and presentation of the characters, handled this movie to some extent in his mark. But few scenes makes think, if this movie is really directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, as they look overly dramatic and stretched.

Overall, Babli Bouncer is a watchable journey of a lady bouncer with some good performances and making. You can stream this beautiful drama on Hotstar right away.

Plus Points:

Actors performances


Few comedy scenes

Minus Points:

Few over dramatic scenes

Length of the movie

Rating: 3.5/5

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