Chakravakam (Gemini TV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Chakravakam (Gemini TV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: Naidu Manjula’s Chakravakam is one of Gemini TV’s most-watched shows, and it’s a smashing success. It premiered on November 3 and ran through February 15, 2008, for a total of 1111 episodes. Studio Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. produced a 3-in-1 genre with elements of romance, drama, and action.


This show has risen to the top of the ratings thanks to the efforts of its talented cast, which includes A.R.C. Babu, Selvaraj, Likitha, Ramaprabha, Sagar, Ms. Ramaprabha, Mr. Madhu, Mr. Bhel Prasad, Mr. Selvaraj, Ms. Vennela, Ms. Sameera, Ms. Preethy Nigam, Mr. Jakky, and Mr. Ram

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Chakravakam (Gemini TV)

In 2006, Chakravakam competed for and won seven categories at the Andhra Pradesh Cinegoers’ Television Awards, including Best Actress and Best Characters Actor. The serial’s male playback singer took home the Nandi Award for Best Male Playback Singer in November. Described as “a high power emotional drama,” Gemini TV said as much about this series. The story’s central conflict made me wonder if love can flourish and last when young people and their elders are unable to improve their outlook on life and if difficulties like these have a satisfactory resolution.

Chakravakam Cast

Preeti Amin as Sravanthi (first generation)

Chakravakam Cast

Indraneeil as Indra (first generation)

Chakravakam Cast

Selvaraj as Iqbal, Irfan

Preeti Nigam as Sravanthi (second generation)

Chakravakam Cast

Jackie as Indra (second generation)

BHEL Prasad as Wilson

Sruthi as Indhumathi

Kaushal Manda as Sagar

Chakravakam Cast

Sagar (actor) as Jagan

Chakravakam Cast

Likitha as Sameera

Chakravakam Cast

Ramaprabha as Raghavamma

Chakravakam Cast

Medha as Vennela

A.R.C. Babu

Arvind Nomula as Sagar (in a few episodes)

Narasimha Raju as Sravanthi’s father

Meghana as Sravanthi’s mother

Chakravakam Timings

This series has also been dubbed into Malayalam as Chakravakam, which aired on Surya TV, and Kannada as Chakravaka, which airs on Udaya TV. On July 11, 2016, at 2:30 pm, Gemini TV broadcast a rerun of the show. So far, 1,111 episodes have been shown.

Channel Name Gemini TV
Serial Timings 2.30 P.M (Monday- Saturday)
Running Time 15-20 minutes
Starting Date 3 November 2003
Language Telugu
Country India

Chakravakam Story

Two generations are shown in the show. The love story of Sravanthi and Indra drives the first generation. Irfan, Vennela, Sameera, and Jagan are the centre of attention in the second generation.

Sravanthi is a sweet young woman who was engaged to a man chosen by her parents but ended up marrying Bhargav because of her love for Indra. Unaware of Sravanthi’s engagement, Indra declares his love for her before learning of her marriage to Bhargav and is left feeling deceived. He escapes to Kolkata to get away from Sravanthi, but instead he proposes to Gayathri, who happens to have heart problems. After going through hell during her brief marriage, Sravanthi goes looking for Indra to tell him she still loves him and that she never meant to cheat on him.

Despite this, Jagan and Sameera begin dating, Sravanthi learns that Zubeida/Vennela is her daughter, Vennela gives birth to Vennela and Irfan’s son Iqbal, and Vennela is sent to Australia. Wilson manipulates the situation such that James and Gayathri are arrested for their crimes and everyone else believes Vennela is dead. In this case, they do find out that Vennela is still alive. James urges Wilson and Indra’s father to retake the case because he cannot handle the thought that Gayathri may kill herself as a result of her mental instability and her decision to avoid him. When they observe Gayathri’s plight, they return the case out of compassion, but not before warning James not to come near them again. After failing to locate Hema, James and Gayathri travel to the United States, where he writes a letter to Indra’s father and sends a bouquet to Sameera and Jagan on the occasion of their wedding. In the letter, James expresses regret for his actions over the years and begs Indra’s father to look after Gayathri in the event of his untimely death. A happy ending for Chakravam as Jagan and Sameera tie the knot.

Serial Name Chakravakam
Genre Drama
Starting Date 3 November 2003
End Date 15 February 2008
No.of Episodes 1,111
Timings Mon to Sat 2.30 pm
Run Time 15-20 minutes
Channel Gemini TV
Language Telugu
Director Manjula Naidu
Producer Sudhakar Pallamala
Production House Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

It also shows how easy it is to misinterpret actions that come from the people we love, and how difficult it is to keep a family together when financial difficulties and stress are involved.
Manjula Naidu produced the Indian Telugu language soap opera Chakravakam. Gemini Television carried the program.

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