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Chhatriwali Review: Rakul Preet Singh has been part of south film industry for long time and appeared in many movies alongside some of the big stars in Telugu and Tamil. She then started her acting career in Hindi but got very few chances. She was seen alongside Ajay Devgn in the movie ‘Runway 34’ and along side Akshay Kumar in the movie ‘Cuttputlli’. She has now come up with a women oriented movie titled ‘Chhatriwali’ that is available for streaming on Zee5 OTT platform from today. Let us get into the detailed review of this movie to know if Rakul Preet Singh is successful in entertaining the audience in a lead role.

Chhatriwali Review


Sanya is a chemistry genius who is out of work and looking for a job. She notices that many young people in her area don’t have basic knowledge about sex education, so she decides to use her knowledge of chemistry to help young people get past the taboos of sex by giving them the right information. This leads to many troubles in her life, as elders from that area start abusing her for encouraging sex education.

Cast & Crew

Chhatriwali movie stars Rakul Preet Singh in the lead role. While other cast of the movie include Satish Kaushik, Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Tailang, Rakesh Bedi, Dolly Ahluwalia, Prachee Shah Paandya, Riva Arora and others who will be seen playing prominent roles in the movie.

This movie is directed by Tejas Prabhaa Vijay Deoskar and produced by Ronnie Screwvala. Music of this movie is composed by Mangesh Dhakde and cinematography is handled by Siddharth Vasani.

Movie Name Chhatriwali
Director Tejas Prabhaa Vijay Deoskar
Music Director Mangesh Dhakde
Producer Ronnie Screwvala
Genre Comedy, Drama
Cast Rakul Preet Singh, Satish Kaushik, Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Tailang, Rakesh Bedi, Prachee Shah Paandya, Dolly Ahluwalia, Riva Arora
Cinematography  Siddharth Vasani


The term Sex is considered as a cuss word in few states of India, as people feel shy to talk about it and old people warn youngsters to not discuss anything about sex. This is indirectly affecting the thinking of youngsters and as a result we are seeing many people experiencing some issues in their sex lives after marriage. ‘Chhatriwali’ movie has some good scenes that explains the importance of the same, but it resembles ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’ in many other scenes.

After the trailer released, it already looked like a similar movie to ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’ that actually explains the importance of using condoms, but ‘Chhatriwali’ focuses more on education about sex among the youngsters. Though the story point are different, the way directors presented on screen will definitely make us to compare these movies. ‘Chhatriwali’ movie definitely had the potential to be a good script, but the execution has failed to keep entertaining the audience till the end.

While it comes to acting performances, Rakul Preet Singh got a golden opportunity to showcase her acting skills in the movie with such good role comprising of many emotions, but she didn’t utilize the opportunity well and looked very normal with her expressions, especially in the emotional scenes. She definitely needs to improve a lot more as an actor to get more opportunities and to sustain for more time in the Hindi film industry. Sumeet Vyas was decent in the role offered to him. Satish Kaushik was very good and tried to evoke few laughs in the movie with his performance. Rajesh Tailang  and all other actors did their part well as required for their characters.

Technically Chhatriwali looks okay. Songs and background score composed by Mangesh Dhakde is apt for the movie & the proceedings. Cinematography by Siddharth Vasani was good, but could have been better. Editing Shruti Bora is good and has no unwanted scenes through out the movie. Production values are decent.

Director Tejas Prabhaa Vijay Deoskar tried to establish an important topic through this movie, which is a very good thing, but the execution failed to engage the audience till the last scene, as most of the scenes may remind us of many other movies released in the past. Let us see how will audience receive this movie on OTT platform.

Overall, Chhatriwali movie is a decent movie that educated everyone on the importance of sex education to everyone, but fails to engage the audience with the making and performance from lead actress Rakul Preet Singh.

Plus Points:

  • Story Point
  • Few Scenes

Minus Points:

  • Rakul Preet Singh
  • Writing
  • Screenplay

Rating: 2.5/5

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