Country Mafia Hindi Series Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Country Mafia Hindi Series Review: Zee5 OTT platform is coming up with new movies and series every week. They have announced another series recently titled ‘Country Mafia’. Trailer looked very intense and raw just like the superhit series ‘Mirzapur’. Country Mafia series is available for streaming on Zee5 app from today. Let us get into the detailed review of this series to know if this series is worth streaming on Zee5 and if it is worth watching our time.

Country Mafia Hindi Series Review


Ajay (Anshumaan Pushkar) and Nannu (Soundarya Sharma), who left India to become IAS officers after studying overseas. But circumstances compelled them to rethink their intentions and launch a vengeance campaign against Bihar’s largest liquor lord, Babban Rai (Ravi Kishan). Their mother,  has a lot of anger toward Babban because he murdered her husband.

Cast & Crew

Country Mafia cast includes Ravi Kishan, Soundarya Sharma, Anshumaan Pushkar, Anita Raj, Satish Kaushik and others. This series is directed by Shashank Raai and produced by Balendu Dixit & Deepak Gupta.

Series Name Country Mafia
Director Shashank Raai
Music Director NA
Producer Balendu Dixit & Deepak Gupta
Genre Crime, Drama
Cast Ravi Kishan, Soundarya Sharma, Anshumaan Pushkar, Anita Raj, Satish Kaushik
Cinematography NA

Series Verdict

When a movie or a series is made on vengeance as main plot, it needs a lot of emotional drama to connect with the audience. If the emotions take a toss or if the conflict has no intense that could connect with the audience, that movie or series will not be able to attract audience in any manner. Country Mafia is one such series that lacks the required intensity that could connect with the audience. Though series has some scenes from different episodes that looks good and well-written, emotions did not work well in this series. But few episodes for sure will generate the curiosity on what could happen next.

While it comes to acting performances, major highlight of this series is undoubtedly actor Ravi Kishan, who played the role of Babban Rai. He looks terrific on screen and his character is very well designed with full of ruthlessness. He delivers his best whenever a negative role is offered to him. Anshumaan Pushkar also did a good job in his role. Soundarya Sharma is not that impressive in the role of Nannu. Anita Raj looks decent in few scenes and did over the top performance in few other scenes. Satish Kaushik gave a decent performance in the role offered to him. All other actors did their part well as required for the story.

Technically Country Mafia is average. Background music doesn’t create any impact in the scenes, though few scenes look good it needs good background score that could elevate particular scene more, which is missing in this series. Cinematography is good to some extent, but few scenes look more muddy which is unnecessary. Editing by Siddiqui Gaus is okay, but could have chopped off few unwanted scenes to make the series more crisp. Production values are not up to the mark.

Director Shashank Raai tried to present a raw and rustic series with a simple plot but with lot of intense emotions, but failed to create the impact with the emotional scenes which are very important in case of this genres.

Overall, Country Mafia is an average revenge drama that entertains only in parts. You can binge watch this series on Zee5 OTT platform.

Plus Points:

  • Few raw scenes
  • Actors Performance

Minus Points:

  • Emotions
  • Inetensity

Rating: 2.25/5

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