Sri Simha Koduri’s Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Telugu Movie Box Office Collections World Wide Day Wise

Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Telugu Movie Box Office Collections: On September 23, 2022, with the release of “Dongalunnaru Jaagratha,” Sri Simha Koduri introduced a new genre to the Telugu film industry by introducing a new director. The picture was well received by audiences and critics alike. The first-day earnings for Simha Koduri’s “Thellavarithe Guruvaram” were around 20 lakhs, while those for “Dongalunnaru Jaagratha” were 45 lakhs. But a lot more tickets would have to be sold than that for the movie to even make money. For this reason, we have high hopes for the film’s box office potential.

Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Telugu Movie Box Office Collections


Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Movie Box Office Collections World Wide Day Wise

Day Wise Gross Share
Day 1 Rs 1.05 Crore Rs 0.45 crores
Day 2    
Day 3    
Day 4    
Day 5    
Day 6    
Day 7    
Total Collection Rs 1.05 crores Rs 0.45 crores

Cast & Crew

In the film Dongalunnaru Jaagratha, Sri Simha Koduri plays the lead role, with support from Samuthirakani and Preeti Asrani. Under the umbrella of Suresh Productions & Guru Films, the film is produced by D. Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati, and first-timer Satish Tripura. The film was shot under the direction of Yeshwanth C. Garry, while the score was written by Kaala Bhairava. Garry also served as the film’s editor.

Movie Name Dongalunnaru Jaagratha
Cast Leads Sri Simha koduri, Samuthirakani and Preeti Asrani
Director Satish Tripura
Producer D. Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati
Written by Satish Tripura
Music Kaala Bhairava
DOP Yeshwanth C

Dongalunnaru Jaagratha Movie Pre-Release Business

There was a lot of success at the box office for Dongalunnaru Jaagratha. With an opening day gross of 0.45 crores, this film performed better than Simha Koduri’s previous picture. It’s excellent news for Simha Koduri since the film reportedly did well in advance of its release, with earnings of about 5 crores. Let’s hope the picture does well at the box office over the next several days because it needs to make a lot of money just to break even.

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