House of Lies Locks Its OTT Release Date

Investigative thrillers are always very interesting to watch on screen. We are going to witness a new investigative thriller again in the form of House of Lies, which has been locked for its OTT release.

“House of Lies” is the new Hindi thriller movie starring Sanjay Kapoor in the lead role. The filmmakers released the trailer officially a couple of days earlier, confirming that House of Lies will be available for streaming on the Zee5 platform starting on May 31, 2024.

The mysterious murder of Albert Pinto shocks everyone, leading to an investigation headed by detective Rajveer Singh Chaudhary. The process of this murder investigation leads to many shocking tales of lust and betrayal.

Sanjay Kapoor, Rituraj K. Singh, Ssmilly Suri, Hiten Paintal, Ajitesh Gupta, and Simran Kaur Suri are the stars of this murder mystery thriller under the direction of Saumitra Singh. Produced by Kali Movies Private Limited in association with Sebhariya Pictures.

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