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Jaadugar Movie Review: Jitendra Kumar who is most popular on small screen as an actor with all the TVF series, once again came with a love, comedy and emotional drama movie named Jaadugar. This time the actor comes up with a movie that got released directly on the OTT platform Netflix. Trailer of the movie looked promising with some fun moments. Let’s get into the detailed review of this movie and find out if we can stream this movie which is almost close to 3 hours long.

Jaadugar Movie Review & Ratings



Meenu is a small town magician, who falls in love with a girl from the same town. As he wishes to get married to his love, a situation arises where he has to lead the local football team in a tournament to the finals. How did Meenu, who has zero interest in football manage to lead the team, what is the connection between football matches and his marriage, did he finally lead his team for a win, these questions will be answered by the end.

Cast & Crew

Jaadugar stars Jitendra Kumar, Jaaved Jaaferi and Arushi Sharma in main roles. Movie is directed by Sameer Saxena, Camera is handled by Soumik Mukherjee and edited by Dev Rao Jadhav and Produced by Posham PA Pictures.

Movie Name Jaadugar
Director Sameer Saxena
Music Director Hussain Haidry, Niloptal Bora
Producer Posham PA Pictures
Genre Comedy, Love, Sports, Drama
Cast Jitendra Kumar, Jaaved Jaaferi and Arushi Sharma
Editor Dev Rao Jadhav

Movie Verdict

Jitendra Kumar always comes up with some entertaining and worth-watching scripts. He has come up with this Love tale with a mix of humor and drama to it, linked with the football sport. There are many funny scenes in the movie that will make you laugh throughout, however, the story plot and the narration of the movie looks flat despite the efforts of the cast. The movie starts well with a few comedy scenes and proceeds well to some extent. But once the football match commences, the movie falls dull.

Jitendra Kumar once again shines in his role as a Magician, Lover, and footballer with a goal to achieve. Jaaved Jaaferi is impressive as a coach who motivates Meenu at every point. Arushi Sharma looks beautiful and performs well as the love interest of Meenu. All the other actors did their part well.

Technically Jaadugar looks out of place. The cinematography by Soumik Mukherjee is not up to the mark and standards. Music by  Hussain Haidry, Niloptal Bora also looks loud in a few of the scenes.  Dev Rao Jadhav could have trimmed a few scenes as the film looks a bit lengthy.

Finally, Jaadugar is a fun and emotional ride that will entertain you to some extent and it is definitely worth watching.

Rating: 3/5

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