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Kabzaa Review: Actor Upendra has created impact with his movies in the past and most of his movies received very good response in multiple languages other than the original Kannada language. But he has been making films from last few years that are only appealing to Kannada audience. With the super blockbuster of “KGF,” now producers are stepping forward to make films that are appealing to audience from all languages.

“Kabzaa” has created enough buzz already in all languages with some stunning visuals and electrifying background music in the trailer. However, audience started comparing this movie with “KGF.” Let us get into the detailed review of this movie to know if it had reached the expectations that were created after the trailer release.

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During the time that the British ruled India, an air force soldier named Arakeshwara was forced to enter the underworld. He slowly turns into the king of the underworld. But Arakeshwara runs into trouble when he has to deal with his rivals and a police officer named Bhargav Bhakshi, who is sent by the British to kill him and the criminals.

Cast & Crew

“Kabzaa” movie stars Upendra in the lead role, while Shriya Saran played the female lead. Kichcha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar played guest roles in the movie. Other cast of the movie includes Kota Srinivasa Rao, Murali Sharma, Nawab Shah, John Kokken, Posani Krishna Murali, Sudha.

“Kabzaa” is written and directed by R Chandru. This movie is produced by R Chandru & Co Produced by Alankar Pandian – Arka sai krishna. Music of this movie is composed by Ravi Basrur and cinematography is handled by AJ Shetty.

Movie NameKabzaa
DirectorR Chandru
Music DirectorRavi Basrur
ProducerR Chandru, Alankar Pandian, Arka sai krishna
GenreAction, Drama
CastUpendra, Shriya Saran, Kichcha Sudeepa, Shiva Rajkumar and others
Cinematography AJ Shetty


KGF movie has created a lot of impact in film making across Kannada film industry and makers from this industry are trying harder to make more such films than sticking to their own making style. “Kabzaa” has already received many comparisons already with KGF, be it the sets, music, color theme and everything, but this movie has something better than that of KGF, which a bit strong story point compared to KGF.

If we watch this movie without any comparisons with KGF, it looks definitely entertaining with some brilliant visuals, background music that makes us stick to the screen till the end. But too many characters in the movie might confuse us while watching it on screen. Movie has all the elements that entertains every section of audience. Interval bang and climax are the biggest plus points of this movie.

While it comes to acting performances, Upendra is an incredible actor and there is no doubt about it, but the actor didn’t get something new to perform with his role in the movie, he was brilliant as always though the character isn’t that interesting. Shriya Saran looked beautiful and did a decent performance. Kichcha Sudeepa did an extended cameo role and was brilliant as every time. Shiva Rajkumar impressed with his performance in a limited role. All other actors did their part well as required for the characters.

Technically Kabzaa is brilliant. Background music composed by Ravi Basrur is one of the biggest highlights in the movie, but we can feel that the music is mostly similar to that of KGF. AJ Shetty has done a great job as a cinematographer with some stunning visuals. Art and costume department should be appreciated for their efforts in recreating the retro style. Production values are very good, except for few VFX scenes in the climax.

Director R Chandru tried to add some grandeur to a simple story with different screenplay and he succeeded in doing so, but we have to wait and watch if audience still compare the movie with KGF, or will accept this movie as another blockbuster from Kannada film industry.

Overall, Kabzaa is another grandeur film from Kannada film industry that has all the elements to entertain the audience in the theatres.

Plus Points:

  • Upendra
  • Visuals
  • Background Music

Minus Points:

  • Simple Story
  • Too many characters

Rating: 3/5

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