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Kalapuram Telugu Movie Review: Satyam Rajesh, one of Tollywood’s most well-known performers, has previously taken on a variety of roles throughout his career. However, his upcoming movie, Kalapuram, will be his acting debut as the lead character. The movie gained attention after Pawan Kalyan unveiled the trailer; as a result, the movie was finally released today, August 26, 2022. Without further ado, let’s get into the detailed review to determine whether the movie is worth seeing or not.

Kalapuram Telugu Movie Review



Unable to locate a producer, a man who wants to make movies meets one who agrees to finance his project on the condition that it be filmed in the little hamlet of Kalapuram. After that, the plot takes an unexpected turn as the filmmaker becomes involved in a gambling case. The remainder of the narrative focuses on identifying the perpetrator.

Cast & Crew

It was directed by Karuna Kumar and starred Satyam Rajesh, Sanchitha Poonacha, Kaashima Rafi, Chitram Seenu, Praveen Yendamuri, and Janardhan. The film was shot by Prasad G.K., scored by Manisharma, and put together by Zee Studios and R4 Entertainments.

Movie Name Kalapuram
Director Karuna Kumar
Music Director Manisharma
Producer Zee Studios & R4 Entertainments.
Genre Comedy Drama
Cast Satyam Rajesh, Sanchitha Poonacha, Kaashima Rafi, Chitram Seenu, Praveen Yendamuri, and Janardhan
Editor S.B. Raju Talari

Movie Verdict

Though the story of Kalapuram is intriguing and should resonate with aspiring filmmakers, the film’s many distracting subplots and the presence of a slew of famous comedic actors all contributed to the film’s failure to capture the attention of audiences.

The first half of the film is intriguing because it shows the filmmaker struggling to find a producer, but the second half is less so because Satyam Rajesh decides to make a film in the small village of Kalapuram; this section keeps you interested for a while, but not for very long, and the film’s predictable conclusion is a letdown.

The rest of the cast handled their jobs well and contributed to the tale in ways that were necessary. However, it is Satyam Rajesh who steals the show and proves his worth in this role.

Karuna Kumar comes up with a good idea for a story, but he botches the execution on the big screen. The script should have been stronger, and the film’s central feeling never comes across.

Kalapuram is passable technically because of the efforts of Prasad G.K.’s camerawork (which is only partially successful) and Manisharma’s (who saves the film with his score) and the rest of the technical crew.

Last but not least, Kalapuram is a film worth checking out if you’ve exhausted all other viewing options.

Rating: 3/5

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