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Kranti Review: Challenging star Dashan was last seen in Roberrt, though it didn’t do well but praised for the technical brilliance, However, he is back with an action drama film called ‘Kranti’. The film has created a lot of buzz with the songs and once the trailer was released it raised expectations. However, the film has finally been released today, so without wasting much time let’s delve into the in-depth review and find out whether the film is worth watching or not.

Kranti Movie Review


Kranti(Darshan) is a carefree guy though his father has many schools and he is helpless when a politician takes over his father’s schools. After a long gap, he is back as a rich guy who enters the education field to take over his father’s schools from the politicians. Finally, will Kranti take over the schools? how did he become rich needs to be seen in the film.

Cast & Crew

Darshan, Rachitha Ram, Dr. V Ravichandran & Sumalatha, and others, and the film is directed by V Harikrishna, while the cinematography has done by Karunakar. A, music has been composed by V Harikrishna and the film is produced by Shylaja Nag & B Suresha under the banner of Media House Studio.

Movie Name Kranti
Director V Harikrishna
Music Director V Harikrishna
Producer Shylaja Nag & B Suresha
Genre Action Drama
Cast Darshan, Rachitha Ram, Dr. V Ravichandran & Sumalatha, and others
Cinematography Karunakar. A

Movie Verdict

Education backdrop films are not new for an Indian audience but blending them into the commercial film is a big challenge and our challenging star Darshan’s film Kranti made it quite well. The film starts off like a regular commercial film with a heroic introduction and his character establishment, the first half follows a templet-based screenplay with songs, here love track, comedy, and conflict with the villain ends a few dialogues about education.

The second half is where the actual story begins like Kranti’s back story and what was the connection with schools that makes us invested in the story for a while and second half has few elements about education which are quite interesting but too many commercials elements make us feel bored throughout the film.

Darshan as Kranti does a fair job as this role doesn’t challenge him at all but he entertained with his swag, Rachitha Ram did a passable job with her role and did nothing much to perform but she engages few sections of the audience with her bubbliness, V. Ravichandran showed his experience though his role is limited, Sumalatha does a fair job and rest of the cast did well.

V Harikrishna directs the film, he chooses an interesting backdrop but partly succeeds in presenting the film, as he mostly focused on Darshan rather than the story, however, his writing is good in parts, and dialogues about education make us think.

Technically, Kranti looks good, Karunakar A’s Visuals made it look even richer and V. Harikrishna himself scored the music, his songs are not up to the mark but he was impressed with the background score, and the rest of the technical team did their best as per the story requires.

Overall, Kranti is a decent commercial flick that can be watched few sections of the audience.

Plus Points:

  • Story
  • Darshan
  • Background Score
  • Few Dialogues

Minus Points:

  • Narration
  • Cinematography
  • Performances
  • Predictable screenplay

Rating: 3/5

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