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Mili Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor has been working hard in Hindi film industry to create her own image as an actor rather than considering her as daughter of legendary Sridevi. We can clearly see her efforts in choosing different subjects right from the beginning of her career. She has now come up with another performance oriented role in the film ‘Mili’ that has released in theatres today. Let us get into the detailed review of this movie to know if Janhvi is able to engage the audience with her performance.

Mili Movie Review


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Mili, who has a dream to work abroad, but her financial status makes her to work in a local restaurant in a mall. She loves her father and takes care of him. She falls in love with Sameer. Mili always faces troubles with the angry manager at her store and one day she accidentally gets locked inside the food storage freezer in the restaurant. How did Mili manage to survive under such low temperatures and who found Mili inside the freezer forms rest of the story.

Cast & Crew

Mili movie cast include Janhvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Sunny Kaushal, Hasleen Kaur, Rajesh Jais, Vikram Kochhar, Anuraag Arora, Sanjay Suri. This movie is directed by Mathukutty Xavier and produced by ZEE Studios & Boney Kapoor. The music of this film is composed by A.R.Rahman and the cinematography is handled by Sunil Karthikeyan.

Movie Name Mili
Director Mathukutty Xavier
Music Director A.R.Rahman
Producer Boney Kapoor
Genre  Drama, Thriller
Cast Janhvi Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa, Sunny Kaushal, Hasleen Kaur, Rajesh Jais, Vikram Kochhar, Anuraag Arora, Sanjay Suri
Cinematography Sunil Karthikeyan

Movie Verdict

Mili is an official remake of the Malayalam super hit film ‘Helen’. Mili has no changes made from the original and makers made sure that the movie’s soul shouldn’t be disturbed by making any unwanted changes. It takes ample of time to introduce the characters, their professions and personal life and then moves to the scenes where Mili lands in a troublesome situation. Movie becomes intriguing only after Mili character is locked inside a freezer. First few scenes in the movie might make you feel bored. But the scenes after Mili gets stuck and the later half of the movie makes it interesting to watch on screen.

While it comes to performances, Mili movie is most of the time focused on Janhvi Kapoor and she had managed to bring out her acting chops in few scenes, but failed to make the character believable with her performance in other scenes. It is good t see her taking up roles that have more screen space and scope to perform, but it could be better if she can improve her acting skills a little more. Manoj Pahwa as Mili’s father is excellent as always. Sunny Kaushal debuted with this film got a limited role and he looked okay with his performance. All other actors did their part as required for the story.

Technically Mili movie looks good. Though few scenes look very normal, it is A.R.Rahman’s background score that has added more intense and weight to the scenes. Many scenes in the second half look interesting with A.R.Rahman’s background music. Sunil Karthikeyan’s cinematography is good, especially the scenes that were picturized inside a single closed room. Editing could have been better, if few lengthy scenes could have been chopped off. Production values are good.

Director Mathukutty Xavier who helmed the original as well did not make any major changes in the movie. It could have been a better watch if few scenes from the first of the film could have been changed and removed some of other scenes. Mathukutty Xavier was successful in engaging the audience in the later half with the survival scenes that were very well designed.

Overall, Mili is a honest attempt by the makers that will engage with the survival scenes. You can watch this movie in theatres for Rahman’s background music and few thrilling scenes.

Plus Points:

  • A.R.Rahman
  • Second Half

Minus Points:

  • First Half
  • Few dragged scenes

Rating: 2.75/5

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