Mithun Chakraborty Hits and Flops Movies List

Mithun Chakraborty Hits and Flops Movies List: Mithun Chakraborty (born Gouranga Chakraborty on June 16, 1950) is an Indian actor, producer, and politician best known for his performances in Hindi and Bengali films. He previously served in the Rajya Sabha. He has won two Filmfare Awards and three National Film Awards.

Mithun Chakraborty Hits and Flops Movies List

Mrigayaa (1976), in which Chakraborty won the National Film Award for Best Actor, was Chakraborty’s Bollywood debut. After a few minor appearances in films like Do Anjaane (1976) and Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan (1978), his first major successful film was Mera Rakshak (1978). Chakraborty was backed at the time by his Nadi Theke Sagare co-star Debashree Roy. Ravikant Nagaich’s low-budget spy flick Surakshaa (1979) catapulted him to popularity.

Mithun Chakraborty Hits and Flops Movies List

S.No Movie Name Verdict Release Date
1 Tadipaar 17-Dec-93 Flop
2 Shatranj 17-Dec-93 Flop
3 Paramaatma 15-Apr-94 Disaster
4 Cheetah 24-Jun-94 Semi Hit
5 Janta Ki Adalat 29-Jul-94 Flop
6 Naaraaz 19-Aug-94 Flop
7 Kranti Kshetra 26-Aug-94 Flop
8 Yaar Gaddar 04-Nov-94 Flop
9 Teesra Kaun? 23-Dec-94 Flop
10 Ab Insaf Hoga 06-Jan-95 Disaster
11 Gunehgar 06-Jan-95 Flop
12 Nishana 17-Feb-95 Flop
13 The Don 28-Apr-95 Flop
14 Zakhmi Sipahi 26-May-95 Flop
15 Ravan Raaj 23-Jun-95 Hit
16 Ahankaar 25-Aug-95 Flop
17 Jallaad 15-Sep-95 Semi Hit
18 Diya Aur Toofan 27-Oct-95 Flop
19 Jurmana 05-Jan-96 Flop
20 Nirbhay 23-Feb-96 Flop
21 Apne Dam Par 15-Mar-96 Flop
22 Jung 19-Apr-96 Below Average
23 Muqadar 12-Jul-96 Average
24 Bhishma 26-Jul-96 Flop
25 Angaara 13-Sep-96 Flop
26 Daanveer 20-Sep-96 Flop
27 Rangbaaz 25-Oct-96 Flop
28 Kaalia 28-Mar-97 Flop
29 Suraj 27-Jun-97 Flop
30 Jeevan Yudh 25-Jul-97 Flop
31 Daadagiri 08-Aug-97 Flop
32 Jodidar 05-Sep-97 Flop
33 Loha 17-Oct-97 Below Average
34 Shapath 12-Dec-97 Semi Hit
35 Sher-E-Hindustan 16-Jan-98 Average
36 Saazish 20-Feb-98 Flop
37 Military Raaj 27-Feb-98 Flop
38 Chandaal 13-Mar-98 Semi Hit
39 Ustadon Ke Ustad 20-Mar-98 Flop
40 Gudia 24-Apr-98 Disaster
41 Hitler 15-May-98 Flop
42 Mard 22-May-98 Flop
43 Hatyara 05-Jun-98 Flop
44 Do Numri 17-Jul-98 Flop
45 Yamraaj 31-Jul-98 Flop
46 Gunda 04-Sep-98 Flop
47 Devta 02-Oct-98 Flop
48 Mafia Raaj 11-Dec-98 Disaster
49 Himmatwala 25-Dec-98 Disaster
50 Sikandar Sadak Ka 01-Jan-99 Disaster
51 Shera 05-Feb-99 Flop
52 Aaag Hi Aag 12-Mar-99 Disaster
53 Kahani Kismet Ki 26-Mar-99 Disaster
54 Phool Aur Aag 14-May-99 Disaster
55 Ganga Ki Kasam 04-Jun-99 Flop
56 Benaam 02-Jul-99 Flop
57 Dada 16-Jul-99 Flop
58 Aaya Toofan 27-Aug-99 Flop
59 Sanyasi Mera Naam 01-Oct-99 Flop
60 Heeralal Pannalal 22-Oct-99 Disaster
61 Maa Kasam 05-Nov-99 Flop
62 Sautela 03-Dec-99 Flop
63 Tabaahi – The Destroyer 17-Dec-99 Flop
64 Agni Putra 04-Feb-00 Disaster
65 Sultaan 17-Mar-00 Flop
66 Sabse Bada Beimaan 02-Jun-00 Disaster
67 Justice Chowdhary 04-Aug-00 Disaster
68 Kaali Topi Laal Rumaal 15-Sep-00 Disaster
69 Aaj Ka Ravan 29-Sep-00 Disaster
70 Jwalamukhi 24-Nov-00 Disaster
71 Billa No.786 29-Dec-00 Flop
72 Bhairav 19-Jan-01 Disaster
73 Baghaawat… Ek Jung 26-Jan-01 Disaster
74 Zahreela 02-Mar-01 Disaster
75 Khatron Ke Khiladi 04-May-01 Disaster
76 Bengal Tiger 08-Jun-01 Disaster
77 Meri Pyaari Bahania Banegi Dulhania 17-Aug-01 Disaster
78 Arjun Devaa 23-Nov-01 Disaster
79 Meri Adalat 14-Dec-01 Disaster
80 Qaidi 03-May-02 Disaster
81 Sabse Badhkar Hum 30-Aug-02 Disaster
82 Marshal 13-Sep-02 Disaster
83 Gautam Govinda 11-Oct-02 Disaster
84 Chaalbaaz 01-Aug-03 Disaster
85 Elaan 14-Jan-05 Disaster
86 Qatal-E-Aam 18-Feb-05 Disaster
87 Classic Dance Of Love 18-Mar-05 Disaster
88 Lucky – No Time for Love 01-Apr-05 Below Average
89 Chingaari 17-Feb-06 Disaster
90 Sun Zarra….. 24-Feb-06 Disaster
91 Insaaf Ki Jung 03-Mar-06 Disaster
92 Dil Diya Hai 08-Sep-06 Disaster
93 Guru 12-Jan-07 Hit
94 My Name is Anthony Gonsalves 11-Jan-08 Disaster
95 Don Muthu Swami 23-May-08 Disaster
96 C Kkompany 29-Aug-08 Disaster
97 Chandni Chowk To China 16-Jan-09 Disaster
98 Zor Lagaa Ke… Haiya! 12-Jun-09 Disaster
99 Luck 24-Jul-09 Flop
100 Chal Chalein 07-Aug-09 Disaster
101 Baabarr 11-Sep-09 Disaster
102 Veer 22-Jan-10 Below Average
103 Golmaal 3 05-Nov-10 Blockbuster
104 Zindagi Tere Naam 16-Mar-12 Disaster
105 Housefull 2 06-Apr-12 Super Hit
106 OMG! Oh My God 28-Sep-12 Super Hit
107 Khiladi 786 07-Dec-12 Average
108 Enemmy 21-Jun-13 Disaster
109 Boss 16-Oct-13 Flop
110 Kaanchi 25-Apr-14 Disaster
111 Kick 25-Jul-14 All Time Blockbuster!
112 Hawaizaada 30-Jan-15 Disaster
113 Genius 24-Aug-18 Disaster
114 The Tashkent Files 12-Apr-19 Average
115 12 ‘O’ Clock 08-Jan-21 Disaster

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