Raju Yadav Movie Review: – Engaging Comedy Tale But?

Getup Srinu is no need for any introduction, as he rose to immense fame with the Jabardast Show. Being a renowned comedian, he is now all set to shift his career from comedian to hero.

Today, he came up with a movie called ‘Raju Yadav’, which is said to be a comedy flick. The makers held premiers before the release the talk was positive.

The story is about a young and carefree guy, Raju (Srinu), who lives in his village. One day, he and his friends playing cricket, and suddenly a ball hits his face. he went to the hospital and his face turned into a smiling face all the film due to stitches. How he copes with that problem is all about the film.

The film has many flaws right from the screenplay to the writing but the films hold our attention just because of Getup Srinu’s comedy. Apart from the lead actor’s performance and comedy, the film has nothing new.

Getup Srinu did his part well, and the other actors did their parts okay. Technically, Raju Yadav is just okay. Harshavardhan Rameshwar’s music is not that great but the background score is good here and there.

Direcror K. Krishnamachary failed to engage the audiace as it seemed like he completely depended on Getup Srinu. Overall. Raju Yadav is a one time watch comedy flick just for Getup Srinu.

Bhargav Reddy

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