Top 5 Horror Movies on Sonyliv (Recently Updated)

Top 5 Horror Movies on Sonyliv: It’s difficult to compile a list of the top horror films of all time. Horror is inherently esoteric, in contrast to action movies and swoon-worthy love stories. The most frightful scenes in a movie aren’t always the ones that come to mind first, and what frightens one viewer is unlikely to frighten another. The horror genre has recently declined, but we’ve highlighted some of the top horror films that are still available on Sonyliv. Sonyliv has been doing well with its new content.

Top 5 Horror Movies on Sonyliv

S.NoMovie NameLanguageYear
2The UnholyEnglish2021
3Don’t Breathe 2English2021
5Anthaku MinchiTelugu2018

1 – Bhoothakaalam

Starring: Shane Nigam, Revathi, Saiju Kurup, and others

Directed by: Rahul Sadasivan

IMDb: 7.5

Story: A mother and her son witness unexplained happenings when a family member passes away, which cloud their perception of reality and cause them to doubt their sanity.

2 – The Unholy

Starring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cricket Brown, William Sadler, and others

Directed by: Evan Spiliotopoulos

IMDb: 5.1

Story: A girl who has trouble hearing is suddenly able to hear, speak, and heal the sick after the Virgin Mary visits her. As crowds gather to see her miracles, awful things happen. Are they Mary’s creations, or are they the result of something much darker?

3 – Don’t Breathe 2

Starring: Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace, Adam Young, and others

Directed by: Rodo Sayagues

IMDb: 6.0

Story: In the years that follow the first deadly home invasion, Norman Nordstrom lives in peace and quiet until his past transgressions catch up with him.

4 – Aaviri

Starring: Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan, Kasi Vishwanath, and others

Directed by: Ravi Babu

IMDb: 3.6

Story: A couple relocates to an opulent home after losing their first child in an accident, where their young daughter becomes possessed by a sinister spirit.

5 – Anthaku Minchi

Starring: Rashmi Gautam, Jai, Ajay Ghosh, and others

Directed by: Jhoney

IMDb: 7.0

Story: Play Boy Raju wants to be rich. He learns that proving otherworldly powers exist will win him 5 cr. He focuses on discovering a ghostly creature and is surprised to see strange things happening in his sister’s house. He feels he discovered it.

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