Top 5 Zombie Movies On Zee5 (Updated List)

Top 5 Zombie Movies On Zee5: The thrills and chills audiences get from watching zombie movies have made them a fan favorite for as long as the genre has been around. When it comes to selecting the Zombie movies list, we have endless possibilities to pick from because the film industry is aware of this fact as well. They are a common choice in the horror genre and have the ability to appeal to a variety of feelings, including comedy and thrill.

Here is a ranking of the top 5 zombie movies that you should watch at least once. We hope this helps narrow down your options. Prepare yourself to experience a sense of mounting dread brought on by enticing arousals as you work through our list.

Top 5 Zombie Movies On Zee5 (Updated List)

S.NoMovie NameLanguageYear
2The Dead 2: IndiaHindi2013
3Go Goa GoneHindi2013

1 – Zombivli

Starring: Siddarth Jadhav, Vignesh Joshi, Trupti Khamkar

Directed by: Aditya Sarpotdar

IMDb: 6.7

Story: In Dombivli, a suburb of Bombay, an outbreak of a fatal virus occurs, and our protagonist, with the assistance of his friends or people he just met during the spectacular event, tries to survive. Other people he meets during the outbreak are also trying to survive.

2 – The Dead 2: India

Starring: Joseph Millson, Meenu Mishra, Anand Krishna Goyal, and others

Directed by: Howard J. Ford

IMDb: 5.1

Story: An American turbine engineer discovers that his pregnant girlfriend is trapped somewhere close to the slums of Mumbai, and this news causes the infectious disease to sweep throughout India. Now he has to fight his way through a wasteland that is 300 miles long and is full of zombies that are voracious.

3 – Go Goa Gone

Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Kemmu, Vir Das, and others

Directed by: Raj & Dk

IMDb: 6.6

Story: When a group of people who are merely hoping to have a good time at a rave party on a remote island in Goa discovers that the island is overrun with zombies, their plans quickly change.

4 – Jeruzalem

Starring: Yael Grobglas, Yon Tumarkin, Danielle Jadelyn, and others

Directed by: Doron Paz, Yoav Paz

IMDb: 4.8

Story: As a result of the trip to Israel that two young adults from the United States take with the goal of exploring the city of Jerusalem, they find themselves in the center of a biblical nightmare.

5 – Miruthan

Starring: Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon, Kaali Venkat, and others

Directed by: Shakti Soundar Rajan

IMDb: 5.9

Story: A zombie apocalypse has broken out in the city, and a traffic police officer, his friend, and some doctors band together to discover a way out of the city before it’s too late, as well as a potential antidote that could put an end to the outbreak.

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