Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform 2024

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform 2024: These days digital streaming platforms coming up with the best content to satiate its users in the entertainment section. Here we are trying to mitigate the problem of selecting the upcoming Malayalam movies by sorting this list out according to the dates so that you will save your time in searching the best content in OTT Platforms.

upcoming malayalam movies on ott platform

Upcoming Malayalam Movies 2024 in OTT Platform

In the below table, you can find the list of upcoming movies and newly arrived movies streaming on various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sun NXT, Hotstar and others. Moreover, we will update this page regularly as soon as the new movies arrives. So, regularly visit Cinelist.in for more updates. As we all know, finding the digital release dates of movies in advance on various OTT platforms is a difficult task. So, to simplify this process we have come up with this post that can helps movie Buff’s in finding their favorite Malayalam movies digital release dates.

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform

We have the updated list of upcoming Malayalam movies on OTT platforms that are ready to release and already released on various OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, ZEE5, Hotstar, Saina Play & Nee Stream. So, we suggest all our readers to follow this page regularly for the changes and updates from the Malayalam movies on OTT platforms.

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform 2024

Movie NameStreaming DateDigital Platform
Inspector Rishi29 March 2024Prime Video
Patna Shuklla29 March 2024Hotstar
Lover27 March 2024Hotstar
Abraham Ozler20 March 2024Hotstar
Thundu15 March 2024Netflix
Bramayugam15 March 2024SonyLiv
Merry Christmas08 March 2024Netflix
Anweshippin Kandethum08 March 2024Netflix
HanuMan08 March 2024Zee5
Malaikottai Vaaliban23 February 2024Hotstar
Poacher23 February 2024Prime Video
The Kerala Story16 February 2024Zee5
Guntur Kaaram09 February 2024Netflix
Captain Miller09 February 2024Prime Video
Sapta sagara daache ello side B25 January 2024Prime Video
Neru23 January 2024Hotstar
Animal26 January 2024Netflix
Salaar20 January 2024Netflix
Indian Police Force19 January 2024Prime Video
Devil: The British Secret Agent14 January 2024Prime Video
Joe14 January 2024Hotstar
A Ranjith Cinema12 January 2024Prime Video
Killer Soup11 January 2024Netflix
Perilloor Premier League series05 January 2024Hotstar
Hi Nanna04 January 2024Netflix
Calling Sahasra01 January 2024Prime Video

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform 2023

Movie NameStreaming DateDigital Platform
Parking30 December 2023Hotstar
Annapoorani29 December 2023Netflix
12th Fail29 December 2023Hotstar
Mangalavaaram26 December 2023Hotstar
Toby22 December 2023SonyLiv
Adhi Keshava22 December 2023Netflix
Falimy18 December 2023Hotstar
Sesham Mike il Fathima15 December 2023Netflix
Vyooham Series14 December 2023Prime Video
Japan11 December 2023Netflix
Adrishya Jalakangal08 December 2023Netflix
Jigarthanda Double X08 December 2023Netflix
Vadhuvu08 December 2023Hotstar
Dhootha02 December 2023Prime Video
Martin Luther King29 November 2023Sonyliv
The Vaccine War24 November 2023Hotstar
Bhagavanth Kesari24 November 2023Prime Video
Leo24 November 2023Netflix
Sathiya Sothanai24 November 2023SonyLiv
The Village24 November 2023Prime Video
Pulimada23 November 2023Netflix
Chaaver23 November 2023SonyLiv
Tiger Nageshwara Rao17 November 2023Prime Video
Ghost17 November 2023Zee5
Kannur Squad17 November 2023Hotstar
The Road10 November 2023Aha Tamil
Label10 November 2023Hotstar
Irugapatru06 November 2023Netflix
P.I. Meena03 November 2023Prime Video
Aarya Season 303 November 2023Hotstar
Skanda02 November 2023Hotstar
Jawan02 November 2023Netflix
Iraivan26 October 2023Netflix
Aspirants Season 225 October 2023Prime Video
Masterpeace25 October 2023Hotstar
Mansion 2417 October 2023Hotstar
Mark Antony13 October 2023Prime Video
Kasar Gold13 October 2023Netflix
Mathagam S212 October 2023Hotstar
Mumbai Diaries Season 206 October 2023Prime Video
Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty05 October 2023Netflix
Khushi01 October 2023Netflix
King Of Kotha29 September 2023Hotstar
Adiyae29 September 2023SonyLiv
Kumari Srimathi28 September 2023Prime Video
RDX24 September 2023Netflix
Voice Of Sathyanathan21 September 2023Manorama MAX
Athidhi19 September 2023Hotstar
Digital village15 September 2023ETV Win
Bambai Meri Jaan14 September 2023 Prime Video
Scam 200302 September 2023SonyLiv
Mathagam18 August 2023Hotstar
Guns and Gulaabs18 August 2023Netflix
Heart of stone(Dub)11 August 2023Netflix
Adipurush11 August 2023Prime Video
Padmini11 August 2023Netflix
Kolla27 July 2023Manorama Max
Oh Meri Laila19 July 2023Amazon Prime Video
Mathukuttiyude Vazhikal15 July 2023First shows
Ntikkakkakkoru Premondarnn14 July 2023Manorama Max
Janaki Jaane11 July 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Live27 June 2023Manorama Max
Jackson Bazaar Youth23 June 2023Amazon Prime Video & Saina Play
Thrishanku23 June 2023Netflix
Kerala Crime Files (Series)23 June 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Mariyam17 June 2023First shows
Charles Enterprises16 June 2023Amazon Prime Video
Thaaram Theertha Koodaram16 June 2023Amazon Prime Video
Vamanan16 June 2023Manorama Max
Ayisha09 June 2023Amazon Prime Video
201807 June 2023SonyLIV
Mea Culpa02 June 2023Saina Play
Ponniyin Selvan Part 202 June 2023Amazon Prime Video
Sulaikha Manzil30 May 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Virupaksha (Malayalam Dub)28 May 2023Netflix
Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum26 May 2023Amazon Prime Video
Bharatha Circus26 May 2023Amazon Prime Video
Jilla22 May 2023Saina Play
Neelavelicham20 May 2023Amazon Prime Video
Ayalvashi19 May 2023Netflix
Pookkaalam19 May 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Kadina Kadoramee Andakadaham19 May 2023SonyLIV
Simon Daniel19 May 2023Saina Play
Jawanum Mullapoovum12 May 2023Amazon Prime Video
Vichithram10 May 2023Amazon Prime Video
Enthadaa Saji06 May 2023Amazon Prime Video
Corona Papers05 May 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Two Men05 May 2023Saina Play
Oh My Darling28 April 2023Amazon Prime Video
Pakalum Paathiravum28 April 2023ZEE5
Thuramukham28 April 2023SonyLIV
Antharam24 April 2023Koode
Boomerang23 April 2023Saina Play
Vellaripattanam21 April 2023Amazon Prime Video
Chattambi15 April 2023Amazon Prime Video
Pranaya Vilasam14 April 2023ZEE5
Nalla Samayam14 April 2023Saina Play
Dear Vaappi13 April 2023Manorama Max
Kottayam Kunjachan09 April 2023Koode
Romancham07 April 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Maheshum Marutiyum07 April 2023Amazon Prime Video
Khali Purse of Billionaires07 April 2023SUN NXT
Enkilum Chandrike01 April 2023Manorama Max
Ammachikoottile Pranayakalam31 March 2023Saina Play
Purusha Pretham24 March 2023SonyLIV
Poovan24 March 2023ZEE5
Oh Meri Laila23 March 2023Saina Play
Momo in Dubai17 March 2023Manorama Max
Ela Veezha Poonchira10 March 2023Amazon Prime Video
Christy10 March 2023SonyLIV
Rekha10 March 2023Netflix
Christopher09 March 2023Amazon Prime Video
Varayan09 March 2023Amazon Prime Video
Chathuram09 March 2023Saina Play
Iratta03 March 2023Netflix
Alone03 March 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Adrishyam28 February 2023Amazon Prime Video
Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam23 February 2023Netflix
Thankam20 February 2023Amazon Prime Video
Veekam17 February 2023ZEE5
Malikappuram15 February 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Mahaveeryar10 February 2023SUN NXT
EMI10 February 2023Saina Play
Ennalum Ente Aliya03 February 2023Amazon Prime Video
Saturday Night27 January 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Aanandam Paramanandam26 January 2023Manorama Max
Thel25 January 2023Amazon Prime Video
Kaapa19 January 2023Netflix
Mukundan Unni Associates13 January 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Thattassery Koottam13 January 2023ZEE5
Saudi Vellakka06 January 2023SonyLIV
Shefeekkinte Santhosham06 January 2023Amazon Prime Video
Ullasam06 January 2023Amazon Prime Video
Choodu01 January 2023Saina Play

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform 2022

Movie NameStreaming DateDigital Platform
Sanjay On Call30 December 2022Saina Play
Gold29 December 2022Amazon Prime Video
Route Map25 December 2022Saina Play
Aanaparambile World Cup24 December 2022Sun NXT
4 Years23 December 2022Amazon Prime Video
Ini Utharam23 December 2022ZEE5
The Teacher23 December 2022Netflix
Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey22 December 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Ariyippu / Declaration16 December 2022Netflix
Sanghaporul16 December 2022Saina Play
Roy09 December 2022SonyLIV
Kooman02 December 2022Amazon Prime Video
Monster02 December 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Kochaal27 November 2022ZEE5
Padavettu25 November 2022Netflix
Kumari18 November 2022Netflix
Wonder Women18 November 2022SonyLIV
Padma16 November 2022Amazon Prime Video
Naane Varuvean (Malayalam)14 November 2022Amazon Prime Video
Varaal12 November 2022Sun NXT
Rorschach11 November 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Mei Hoom Moosa11 November 2022ZEE5
Pathonpatham Noottandu07 November 2022Amazon Prime Video
Ponniyin Selvan Part 104 November 2022Amazon Prime Video
Appan28 October 2022SonyLIV
Panthrand24 October 2022Amazon Prime Video
King Fish15 October 2022Sun NXT
Palthu Janwar14 October 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Peace13 October 2022Sun NXT
Oru Thekkan Thallu Case06 October 2022Netflix
Eesho05 October 2022SonyLIV
Solamante Theneechakal01 October 2022Manorama Max
Theerppu30 September 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Lal Jose30 September 2022Zee5
Attention Please16 September 2022Netflix
Thallumaala11 September 2022Netflix
Sita Ramam09 September 2022Amazon Prime Video
Nna, Thaan Case Kodu08 September 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Paappan07 September 2022Zee5
Sayanna Varthakal05 September 2022Sun NXT
Sundari Gardens02 September 2022SonyLIV
Kuri30 August 2022Sun NXT
Heaven19 August 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Makal18 August 2022Manorama Max
Malayankunju11 August 2022Amazon Prime Video
Kaduva04 August 2022Amazon Prime Video
Aavasa Vyuham04 August 2022SonyLIV
John Luther29 July 2022Manorama Max
19(1)(a)29 July 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Prakashan Parakatte29 July 2022Zee5
Rocketry26 July 2022Amazon Prime Video
Pathaam Valavu22 July 2022Manorama Max
Vaashi17 July 2022Netflix
Dear Friend10 July 2022Netflix
Ante Sundaraniki (dubbed)10 July 2022Netflix
in08 July 2022Manorama Max
Kunjeldho08 July 2022ZEE5
Paka07 July 2022SonyLIV
Major (dubbed)03 July 2022Netflix
Keedam01 July 2022ZEE5
A Violent Tale01 July 2022Saina Play
Meri Awas Suno24 June 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Kuttavum Shikshayum24 June 2022Netflix
Doctor Strange 222 June 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Jack N’ Jill21 June 2022Amazon Prime Video
O2 (Oxygen)17 June 2022Disney+ Hotstar
CBI 5: The Brain12 June 2022Netflix
Jo and Jo10 June 2022Amazon Prime Video
Twenty One Grams10 June 2022Disney+ Hotstar
No Way Out10 June 2022Amazon Prime Video
Don (dubbed)10 June 2022Netflix
Pathrosinte Padappukal10 June 2022ZEE5
Innale Vare09 June 2022SonyLIV
KGF Chapter 202 June 2022Amazon Prime Video
Jana Gana Mana02 June 2022Netflix
12th Man20 May 2022Disney+ Hotstar
RRR20 May 2022ZEE5
Aviyal20 May 2022Amazon Prime Video
Puzhu13 May 2022SonyLIV
Oruthee13 May 2022Manorama Max
Beast11 May 2022Sun NXT & Netflix
Kallan D’Souza29 Apr 2022Manorama Max
Anthakshari22 Apr 2022SonyLIV
Veyil15 Apr 2022Amazon Prime Video
Night Drive10 Apr 2022Netflix, Manorama Max & Simply South
Naradhan08 Apr 2022Amazon Prime Video
Bheeshmaparvam01 Apr 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Member Rameshan 9am Ward01 Apr 2022ZEE5
Thirimali01 Apr 2022Manorama Max
Radhe Shyam01 Apr 2022Amazon Prime Video
Hey Sinamika31 Mar 2022Netflix
Pada30 Mar 2022Amazon Prime Video
Sumesh And Ramesh29 Mar 2022Sun NXT
Archana 31 Not Out26 Mar 2022Manorama Max
Djibouti25 Mar 2022Amazon Prime Video
Aaraattu20 Mar 2022Amazon Prime Video
Salute18 Mar 2022SonyLIV
Lalitham Sundaram18 Mar 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Super Sharanya11 Mar 2022ZEE5
Varthamanam11 Mar 2022Manorama Max
Ajagajantharam25 Feb 2022SonyLIV
Jan.E.Man25 Feb 2022Sun NXT
Hridhyam18 Feb 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Meppadiyan18 Feb 2022Amazon Prime Video
Good Luck Sakhi12 Feb 2022Amazon Prime Video
Freedom Fight11 Feb 2022SonyLIV
Mission C04 Feb 2022First Shows & Nee Stream
Randu04 Feb 2022Amazon Prime Video
Bro Daddy26 Jan 2022Disney Plus Hotstar
Ellam Sheriyakum26 Jan 2022ZEE5
Aaha26 Jan 2022ZEE5
Bachelor (Dub)23 Jan 2022SonyLIV
Bhoothakaalam21 Jan 2022SonyLIV

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform September 2021

In the table below, you can find the Malayalam movies list scheduled for release on various OTT Platforms in September 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateOTT Platform
Annabelle SethupathiSeptember 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
KurupSeptember, 2021Netflix
BhramamSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime Video
19(1)(a)September, 2021Netflix
Minnal MuraliSeptember, 2021Netflix
VarthamanamSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime
French ViplavamSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime Video

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform August 2021

In the table below, you can find the Malayalam movies list scheduled for release on various OTT Platforms in August 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateOTT Platform
Alice In PanchalinaduAugust 27, 2021Amazon Prime Video (US)
Vivaha Bhojanambu (Dub)August 27, 2021SonyLiv
PidikittapulliAugust 27, 2021Jio Cinema
Boomika (Dub)August 23, 2021Netflix
Roudram 2018August 20, 2021Roots Video
HomeAugust 19, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Shantit Kranti (Dub)August 13, 2021SonyLiv
Netrikann (Dub)August 13, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Kuttavum ShikshayumAugust 12, 2021Netflix
KuruthiAugust 11, 2021Amazon Prime Video
The Legend of Hanuman (S2)August 06, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
InshaAugust 03, 2021Nee Stream
18 Hours (Direct TV Premiere)August 01, 2021Mazhavil Manorama, Simply South

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform July 2021

In the table below, you can find the Malayalam movies list scheduled for release on various OTT Platforms in July 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateOTT Platform
Hello Dubaikkaran (2018)July 30, 2021Saina Play
Naam (2018)July 27, 2021Saina Play
Pretham Undu Sookshikkuka (2017)July 22, 2021Saina Play
MalikJuly 15, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Chathur MukhamJuly 09, 2021ZEE5
Sara’sJuly 05, 2021Amazon Prime Video

Upcoming Malayalam Movies on OTT Platform June 2021

Movie NameRelease DateOTT Platform
Cold CaseJune 30, 2021Amazon Prime Video
MaadathyJune 24, 2021NEE Stream
Kalamandalam HyderaliJune 19, 2021NEE Stream, Roots Video
GrahanamJune 19, 2021NEE Stream
Kanakam MoolamJune 19, 2021Amazon Prime Video
ChuruliJune 17, 2021Amazon Prime Video
CherathukalJune 17, 2021Saina Play, Neestream, First Show, Roots etc.
Richter Scale 7.6June 11, 2021Roots Video
MathilukalJune 11, 2021Roots Video
Maara (Dub)June 10, 2021Simply South
Maharani (Dub)June 07, 2021SonyLiv
ThanahaJune 04, 2021Saina Play
AmeeraJune 04, 2021First Shows, Limelight Media, Zinea
Kho KhoJune 03, 2021Amazon Prime Video

Upcoming Malayalam Movies in OTT May 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Kho KhoMay 28, 2021Simply South
KalaMay 20, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Mohan Kumar FansMay 20, 2021Amazon Prime Video
KachiMay 20, 2021Nee Stream
AarkkariyamMay 19, 2021Nee Stream
Operation JavaMay 15, 2021ZEE5
The Kungfu MasterMay 15, 2021HD OUT
Jackie SherieefMay 15, 2021Roots OTT
KuttiyappanumDaivadhootharumMay 14, 2021First Shows &High Hope Entertainments
Midnight RunMay 14, 2021Saina Play
The RoadMay 14, 2021ABC Talkies
Sidharthan Enna NjanMay 13, 2021Nee Stream, Roots OTT & Limelight
NizhalMay 11, 2021Simply South
NizhalMay 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
NayattuMay 09, 2021Simply South
NayattuMay 09, 2021Netflix
SameerMay 08, 2021Nee Stream
ThimiramApril 29, 2021Nee Stream
ONEApril 27, 2021Netflix
Black CoffeeApril 23, 2021Simply South
OrilathanalilApril 23, 2021Firstshows OTT
8½ intercutsApril 22, 2021Nee Stream
BiriyaniApril 22, 2021Cave India (New OTT Platform)
Wild Dog (Malayalam)April 22, 2021Netflix
WOLFApril 18, 2021ZEE5
Paramapadham Vilayattu (Malayalam)April 14, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
The PriestApril 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
VellamApril 13, 2021SUN NXT
Krishnankutty Pani ThudangiApril 11, 2021ZEE5
JojiApril 07, 2021Amazon Prime Video
IrulApril 02, 2021Netflix
The Great Indian KitchenApril 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video

How We Collect Digital Release Dates Date?

The release dates of the upcoming Malayalam movies curated here according to the official announcements made by the Online Streaming Platforms and the filmmakers. However, you can also find the release dates in advance based on the buzz created amongst Mollywood circles. So, have a look into the Upcoming Malayalam Movies on the OTT Platform in 2021.

Pricing of OTT Platforms

  • Amazon Prime Subscription Plans The premium plans of Malayalam movies starts from Rs.129/- per month and the yearly plan starts from Rs.999/- per month. Check more info on the official site@ primevideo
  • Sun NXT comes with the cheapest subscription plans, just Rs.50/- per month and Rs.480/- per 1 year.
  • Netflix minimum mobile plan starts from the lowest price Rs.199 per month. And, the premium plan is available at Rs.799/-. No extra costs or contracts.
  • Disney+ Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform with more than 100000 hours of drama and movies in 17 languages with 300 million active users. The streaming service owned and operated by Star India, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India.

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