Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform 2024 Digital Release Dates

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform 2024: Are you searching for upcoming Tamil movies in OTT Platform? then you are at the right place. On this page, you will get to know the list of upcoming Tamil movies in various OTT platforms in 2024. So, why are you waiting? Have a look at the below table and check the upcoming digital release dates in advance.

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform

The release dates of the upcoming Tamil movies 2024 are consolidated according to the official announcements made by the Digital Streaming Platforms and the makers of the film. However, you can also find the release dates in advance based on the Buzz created amongst Kollywood circuits. So, have a look into the Upcoming Tamil Movies on the OTT Platform in 2024.

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform 2024 Digital Release Dates

Tamil cinema also known as Kollywood releases more than 300 movies every year. One can easily expect that 2024 is going to be a big year for Kollywood since all the movies that have been halted in 2023 are rescheduled to release in 2024. Many new movies have been scheduled for release in 2024. So, the Kollywood audience can expect a big lineup of new Tamil movies in Theaters and OTT platforms.

The latest Tamil movies and Tamil Web series will be added to this page to help movie lovers and binge-watchers. Viewers can easily search for movies based on the latest OTT release dates and digital streaming platforms. One should regularly follow this page to know about upcoming Tamil movies in OTT apps. This is content curated specially for viewers with curiosity to know about upcoming Tamil movies 2024, bringing you one step closer to full-fledged entertainment with the list of Tamil movies 2021 ranging from old to new ones.

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT 2024

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Siren19 April 2024Hotstar
Pon Ondru Kanden14 April 2024Jio Cinema
J Baby12 April 2024Prime Video
Devil12 April 2024Aha Tamil
Gaami12 April 2024Zee5
Rebel06 April 2024 Prime Video
POR29 March 2024Netflix
Birthmark29 March 2024Aha Tamil
Inspector Rishi29 March 2024Prime Video
Patna Shuklla29 March 2024Hotstar
Lover27 March 2024Hotstar
Operation Valentine22 March 2024Prime Video
Marakkuma Nenjam20 March 2024Prime Video
Abraham Ozler20 March 2024Hotstar
Mission Chapter 115 March 2024Prime Video
Thundu15 March 2024Netflix
Bramayugam15 March 2024SonyLiv
Vadakkupatti Ramasamy12 March 2024Prime Video, Aha Tamil
Merry Christmas08 March 2024Netflix
Anweshippin Kandethum08 March 2024Netflix
HanuMan08 March 2024Zee5
Blue Star29 February 2024Simply South & Prime Video
Singapore Saloon23 February 2024TentKotta
Poacher23 February 2024Prime Video
The Kerala Story16 February 2024Zee5
Saba Nayagan14 February 2024Hotstar
Ippadikku Kadhal09 February 2024Aha Tamil
Ayalaan09 February 2024SunNXT
Guntur Kaaram09 February 2024Netflix
Captain Miller09 February 2024Prime Video
Saindhav03 February 2024Prime Video
Fight Club27 January 2024Hotstar
Animal26 January 2024Netflix
Sapta sagara daache ello side B25 January 2024Prime Video
Salaar20 January 2024Netflix
Indian Police Force19 January 2024Prime Video
Devil: The British Secret Agent14 January 2024Prime Video
Joe14 January 2024Hotstar
Sevappi12 January 2024Aha Tamil
Silanodigalil12 January 2024Prime Video
Antony12 January 2024Prime Video
Rajni12 January 2024Prime Video
A Ranjith Cinema12 January 2024Prime Video
Killer Soup11 January 2024Netflix
Tiger 307 January 2024Prime Video
Perilloor Premier League series05 January 2024Hotstar
Conjuring Kannappan05 January 2024Netflix
Hi Nanna04 January 2024Netflix
Calling Sahasra01 January 2024Prime Video

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT 2023

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Parking30 December 2023Hotstar
12th Fail29 December 2023Hotstar
Annapoorani29 December 2023Netflix
Mangalavaaram26 December 2023Hotstar
Toby22 December 2023SonyLiv
Adhi Keshava22 December 2023Netflix
Falimy18 December 2023Hotstar
Margazhi Thingal15 December 2023Simply South, Tentkotta
Sesham Mike il Fathima15 December 2023Netflix
Vyooham Series14 December 2023Prime Video
Japan11 December 2023Netflix
Jigarthanda Double X08 December 2023Netflix
Vadhuvu08 December 2023Hotstar
80002 December 2023Jio Cinema
Dhoomam01 December 2023Apple TV
Noodles01 December 2023Simply South
Dhootha01 December 2023Prime Video
Martin Luther King29 November 2023Sonyliv
Chiththa28 November 2023Hotstar
The Vaccine War24 November 2023Hotstar
Bhagavanth Kesari24 November 2023Prime Video
Leo24 November 2023Netflix
Demon24 November 2023Aha Tamil
Sathiya Sothanai24 November 2023Sonyliv
The Village Series24 November 2023Prime Video
Pulimada23 November 2023Netflix
Chaaver23 November 2023Sonyliv
Tiger Nageshwara Rao17 November 2023Prime Video
Ghost17 November 2023Zee5
Kannur Squad17 November 2023Hotstar
Label10 November 2023Hotstar
The Road10 November 2023Aha Tamil
Irugapatru06 November 2023Netflix
Ratham03 November 2023Prime Video
P.I. Meena03 November 2023Prime Video
Aarya Season 303 November 2023Hotstar
Skanda02 November 2023Hotstar
Jawan02 November 2023Netflix
Are you Okay baby31 October 2023Aha Tamil
Rangoli26 October 2023Prime Video
Iraivan26 October 2023Netflix
Chandramukhi 226 October 2023Netflix
Aspirants Season 225 October 2023Prime Video
Masterpeace25 October 2023Hotstar
Paramporul24 October 2023Aha Tamil
Red Sandal Wood20 October 2023Aha Tamil
Karumegangal Kalaigindrana19 October 2023Simply South
Mansion 2417 October 2023Hotstar
Mark Antony13 October 2023Prime Video
Mathagam S212 October 2023Hotstar
Partner06 October 2023Simply South
Mumbai Diaries Season 206 October 2023Prime Video
Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty05 October 2023Netflix
Khufiya05 October 2023Netflix
Harkara01 October 2023Aha Tamil
Khushi01 October 2023Netflix
King of Kotha29 September 2023Hotstar
Let’s Get Married29 September 2023Prime Video
Kumari Srimathi28 September 2023Prime Video
Jaane Jaan21 September 2023Netflix
Dinosaurs19 September 2023Prime Video
Athidhi19 September 2023Hotstar
Aneethi15 September 2023Prime Video, Aha Tamil
MY 315 September 2023Hotstar
Bambai Meri Jaan14 September 2023Prime Video
Love08 September 2023Aha Tamil
Jailer07 September 2023Prime Video
Scam 200302 September 2023SonyLiv
DD Returns01 September 2023Zee5
Baba Black Sheep30 August 2023Prime Video
Mathagam18 August 2023Hotstar
Guns of Gulaabs18 August 2023Netflix
Heart of Stone (Dub)11 August 2023Netflix
Padmini (Dub)11 August 2023Netflix
Maayon11 August 2023Prime Video
Adipurush11 August 2023Prime Video
Maaveeran11 August 2023Prime Video
Por Thozhil11 August 2023Sony LIV
Raavana KottamTBASony LIV
Revolver RitaTBANetflix
Erumbu31 July 2023Prime Video
Appatha29 July 2023Jio Cinema
Regina25 July 2023Prime Video
Maamannan27 July 2023Netflix
Asvins20 July 2023Netflix
Estate16 July 2023ZEE5
Thandatti14 July 2023Amazon Prime
MenToo14 July 2023Aha Tamil
Takkar07 July 2023Netflix
Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam07 July 2023ZEE5
Farhana07 July 2023SonyLIV
Sweet Kaaram Coffee (Series)06 July 2023Amazon Prime
Good Night03 July 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Veeran30 June 2023Amazon Prime
Beginning24 June 2023Amazon Prime (Rent)
Kasethan Kadavulada23 June 2023Sun NXT
Theera Kaadhal23 June 2023Netflix
Kazhuvethi Moorkkan23 June 2023Amazon Prime
John Luther (Tamil Dub)23 June 2023Aha Tamil
Kondraal Paavam22 June 2023Amazon Prime
Pichaikkaran 218 June 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Tamilarasan16 June 2023ZEE5
Raavana Kottam16 June 2023Amazon Prime
Deiva Machan13 June 2023Amazon Prime
Theerkadarishi09 June 2023Amazon Prime
Maalai Nera Malipoo09 June 2023Aha Tamil
2018 (Tamil Dub)07 June 2023SonyLIV
Kudimahaan05 June 2023Amazon Prime
Ponniyin Selvan Part 202 June 2023Amazon Prime
Boo27 May 2023Jio Cinema
Virupaksha (Tamil)27 May 2023Netflix
Ponniyin Selvan Part 2 (Rent)26 May 2023Amazon Prime
Yaanai Mugathaan26 May 2023Amazon Prime
Night Drive (Dub)26 May 2023Aha Tamil
Thugs20 May 2023Jio Cinema
Maruthi Nagar Police Station19 May 2023Aha Tamil
Modern Love Chennai (Series)18 May 2023Amazon Prime
Rudhran14 May 2023Sun NXT
Soppana Sundari12 May 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Yaathisai12 May 2023Amazon Prime
Thiruvin Kural12 May 2023Netflix
Das Ka Dhamki12 May 2023Aha Tamil
August 16 194705 May 2023Amazon Prime
Repeat05 May 2023Aha Tamil
Viduthalai Part 128 Apr 2023ZEE5
Pathu Thala27 Apr 2023Amazon Prime
Memories21 Apr 2023Amazon Prime
Ghosty14 Apr 2023ZEE5
Kannai Nambathey14 Apr 2023Netflix
Masooda (Tamil)14 Apr 2023Aha Tamil
N413 Apr 2023Amazon Prime
Ayothi07 Apr 2023ZEE5
Burqa07 Apr 2023Aha Tamil
Pallu Padama Paathuka02 Apr 2023Amazon Prime
Agilan31 Mar 2023ZEE5
Bagheera31 Mar 2023Sun NXT
Bakasuran24 Mar 2023Amazon Prime
Sengalam (Series)24 Mar 2023ZEE5
Vaathi17 Mar 2023Netflix
Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum17 Mar 2023Amazon Prime
Dada10 Mar 2023Amazon Prime
Run Baby Run10 Mar 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Bommai Nayagi10 Mar 2023ZEE5
The Legend03 Mar 2023Disney+ Hotstar
The Great Indian Kitchen03 Mar 2023ZEE5
Thalaikoothal03 Mar 2023Netflix
Michael24 Feb 2023Aha Tamil
Varisu22 Feb 2023Amazon Prime
Thunivu08 Feb 2023Netflix
Naan Mirugamaai Maara06 Feb 2023Sun NXT
Sembi03 Feb 2023Disney+ Hotstar
Raangi29 Jan 2023Netflix & Sun NXT
Driver Jamuna20 Jan 2023Aha Tamil
Varalaru Mukkiyam15 Jan 2023Netflix
Laththi14 Jan 2023Sun NXT
Gold06 Jan 2023Amazon Prime
Naai Sekar Returns06 Jan 2023Netflix
Gatta Kusthi01 Jan 2023Netflix

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT 2022

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
DSP30 Dec 2022Netflix & Sun NXT
Udanpaal30 Dec 2022Aha Tamil
Pattathu Arasan28 Dec 2022Netflix
Agent Kannayiram23 Dec 2022Sun NXT
Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham23 Dec 2022Amazon Prime
Kaari23 Dec 2022ZEE5
Kalaga Thalaivan16 Dec 2022Netflix
Coffee with Kadhal09 Dec 2022ZEE5
Ratha Saatchi09 Dec 2022Aha Tamil
Parole09 Dec 2022Amazon Prime
Witness09 Dec 2022SonyLIV
Love Today02 Dec 2022Netflix
Nitham Oru Vaanam02 Dec 2022Netflix
Miral02 Dec 2022Aha Tamil
Vadhandhi (Web Series)02 Dec 2022Amazon Prime
Prince25 Nov 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Sardar18 Nov 2022Aha Tamil
Anel Meley Pani Thuli18 Nov 2022SonyLIV
Iravin Nizhal11 Nov 2022Amazon Prime
Sinam10 Nov 2022Netflix
Ponniyin Selvan Part 104 Nov 2022Amazon Prime
Naane Varuvean27 Oct 2022Amazon Prime
Super Senior Heroes21 Oct 2022Netflix
Trigger14 Oct 2022Aha Tamil
Buffoon14 Oct 2022Netflix
Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu13 Oct 2022Amazon Prime
Captain30 September 2022ZEE5
777 Charlie (Tamil)30 September 2022Amazon Prime
Cobra28 September 2022SonyLIV
Thiruchitrambalam23 September 2022Sun NXT
Diary23 September 2022Aha Tamil
Vikrant Rona (Tamil)16 September 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Viruman11 September 2022Amazon Prime
Sita Ramam09 September 2022Amazon Prime
Kaatteri02 September 2022Netflix
My Dear Bootham02 September 2022ZEE5
Gulu Gulu27 August 2022Sun NXT
Vezham26 August 2022Amazon Prime
Yaanai19 August 2022ZEE5
Dejavu19 August 2022Amazon Prime
TamilRockerz19 August 2022ZEE5
Gargi12 August 2022SonyLIV
Cadaver12 August 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Panni Kutty12 August 2022Sun NXT
Shabaash Mithu (Tamil)12 August 2022Netflix
Maha05 August 2022Aha Tamil
Victim05 August 2022SonyLIV
D Block01 August 2022Amazon Prime
Vattam29 July 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Rocketry26 July 2022Amazon Prime
Magamuni21 July 2022Netflix
Vaashi17 July 2022Netflix
Veetla Vishesham15 July 2022ZEE5
Maamanithan15 July 2022Aha Tamil
Ante Sundaraniki (Tamil Dub)10 July 2022Netflix
Vikram08 July 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Samrat Prithviraj (Tamil Dub)01 July 2022Amazon Prime
Kathir24 June 2022Aha Tamil
Nenjuku Needhi23 June 2022SonyLIV
Doctor Strange 222 June 2022Disney+ Hotstar
O217 June 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Suzhal (Series)17 June 2022Amazon Prime
CBI 5: The Brain (Tamil Dub)12 June 2022Netflix
Don10 June 2022Netflix
Ayngaran10 June 2022Aha Tamil
KGF Chapter 203 June 2022Amazon Prime
Koogle Kuttappa03 June 2022Aha Tamil
Jana Gana Mana (Tamil)02 June 2022Netflix
Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kadhal27 May 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Pothanur Thabal Nilayam27 May 2022Aha Tamil
Sethuthumaan27 May 2022SonyLIV
RRR20 May 2022ZEE5
Hostel20 May 2022Amazon Prime
The Kashmir Files (Tamil)13 May 2022ZEE5
Beast11 May 2022Netflix & Sun NXT
Saani Kaayidham06 May 2022Amazon Prime
Nasir06 May 2022SonyLIV
Payanigal Gavanikkavum29 Apr 2022Aha Tamil
Uncharted (Tamil)28 Apr 2022BookMyShow Stream
Manmatha Leelai22 Apr 2022Aha Tamil
Anantham22 Apr 2022ZEE5
Oh My Dog21 Apr 2022Amazon Prime
Kuthiraivaal20 Apr 2022Netflix
The Batman (Tamil)18 Apr 2022BookMyShow Stream
Naai Sekar15 Apr 2022Sun NXT
Enna Solla Pogirai15 Apr 2022ZEE5
Selfie14 Apr 2022Aha Tamil
James (Tamil)14 Apr 2022SonyLIV
Taanakkaran08 Apr 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Etharkkum Thunindhavan07 Apr 2022Netflix & Sun NXT
Radhe Shyam01 Apr 2022Amazon Prime
Hey Sinamika31 Mar 2022Netflix
Valimai25 Mar 2022ZEE5
Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu25 Mar 2022Amazon Prime
Miga Miga Avasaram18 Mar 2022Aha Tamil
Salute18 Mar 2022SonyLIV
Veerapandiyapuram18 Mar 2022Simply South
FIR12 Mar 2022Amazon Prime
Maaran11 Mar 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Clap11 Mar 2022SonyLIV
Kadaisi Vivasayi11 Mar 2022SonyLIV
Veeramae Vaagai Soodum04 Mar 2022Zee5
Enemy18 Feb 2022SonyLIV
Kombu Vatcha Singamda13 Feb 2022Sun NXT
Good Luck Sakhi12 Feb 2022Amazon Prime
Anandham Vilayadum Veedu11 Feb 2022Zee5
Writer11 Feb 2022Aha Tamil
Mahaan10 Feb 2022Amazon Prime
Pandrikku Nandri Solli04 Feb 2022SonyLIV
Plan Panni Pannanum30 Jan 2022Disney+ Hotstar
Oomai Sennaai26 Jan 2022Amazon Prime
Bachelor21 Jan 2022SonyLIV
Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee21 Jan 2022Zee5
Rajavamsam16 Jan 2022Sun NXT
Thalli Pogathey08 Jan 2022Amazon Prime
Jail08 Jan 2022Amazon Prime
Anbarivu07 Jan 2022Disney+ Hotstar

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform September 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Annabelle SethupathiSeptember 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
DikkiloonaSeptember 10, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Tughlaq DurbarSeptember 10, 2021Netflix/ SUN TV
Saani KaayidhamSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime Video
AyngaranSeptember, 2021SonyLiv
Kadaisi VivasayiSeptember, 2021SonyLiv
NaragasooranSeptember, 2021SonyLiv
KaadanSeptember, 2021ZEE5
DoctorSeptember, 2021Disney+ Hotstar (Direct OTT)
FIRSeptember, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Vaa DealSeptember, 2021TBA
Andava KaanomSeptember, 2021TBA
Tughlaq DurbarSeptember, 2021Disney+ Hotstar (Direct OTT)
Kuttrame KuttramSeptember, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
SumoSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime Video (Direct OTT)
Vellai YaanaiSeptember, 2021SUN NXT

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT August 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform August 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
LOL Enga Siri PaappomAugust 27, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Cruella (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
The Empire (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Way Down (Dub)August 27, 2021Lionsgate play
The Vault (Dub)August 27, 2021Lionsgate play
Vivaha Bhojanambu (Dub)August 27, 2021SonyLiv
Kasada TabaraAugust 27, 2021SonyLiv
The Family Man 2 (Dub)August 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video
BoomikaAugust 22, 2021Netflix/ Vijay TV
200 Halla Ho (Dub)August 20, 2021ZEE5 Premium
DhowlathAugust 20, 2021Simply South
The Priest (Dub)August 17, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Vettai NaaiAugust 17, 2021Astro Go (Overseas)
Bhuj The Pride Of India (Dub)August 15, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
NetrikannAugust 13, 2021Hotstar
Dial 100 (Dub)August 13, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Shantit Kranti (Dub)August 13, 2021SonyLiv
SennaiAugust 11, 2021Nee Stream
The Kissing Booth 3 (Dub)August 11, 2021Netflix
Jyo Achyutananda (Dub)August 07, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Sirantha Kudimagan (Dub)August 07, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
NavarasaAugust 06, 2021Netflix
World Famous Lover (Dub)August 06, 2021Simply South
The Legend of Hanuman (S2)August 06, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Sirantha Kudimagan (Dub)August 06, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Spiral (Dub)August 05, 2021Lionsgate play
Oviya Win Kadhal Kathai (Dub)August 05, 2021YouTube

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT July 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform July 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Thittam IranduJuly 30, 2021Sony LIV, Tentkotta, SimplySouth
Abhiyum AnuvumJuly 25, 2021Nee Stream
Sarpatta ParambaraiJuly 22, 2021Amazon Prime Video
VaazhlJuly 16, 2021Sony LIV
The Tomorrow War (Dub)July 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Haseen Dillruba (Dub)July 02, 2021Netflix

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT June 2021

Below are the list of Tamil movies available for streaming in various OTT platforms in June 2021.

Movie Name Release Date Digital Platform
Thatha Kadai (Dub) June 27, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Maadathy June 27, 2021 Nee Stream
Chidambaram Railway Gate June 26, 2021 Amazon Prime Video (US)
Methagu June 26, 2021 BS Value
Magavu June 26, 2021 Behindwoods TV
Anu and Arjun June 26, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Thaen June 25, 2021 SonyLiv
Grahan (Dub) June 24, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Oru Adaar Love June 18, 2021 Simply South
Jagame Thandhiram June 18, 2021 Netflix
Eeswaran June 12, 2021 Hotstar
Sunflower (Tamil) June 11, 2021 ZEE5
Mortal Kombat (Tamil) June 04, 2021 BookMyShow Stream
DOM (Tamil) June 04, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
The Family Man 2 June 04, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Kaadan June 04, 2021 ZEE5

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform May 2021

Movie Name Release Date Digital Platform
Malaysia To Amnesia May 28, 2021 ZEE5
Marai Vaasi May 28, 2021 SUN Nxt
Out of Love (Tamil) May 25, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Chiyangal May 21, 2021 ZEE5
99 Songs May 21, 2021 Netflix
Kamali From Nadukkaveri May 21, 2021 ZEE5
November Story May 20, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Kala (Tovino Thomas) May 19, 2021 Amazon Prime Video (US)
Kaadhal (Tamil Dub) May 15, 2021 SUN Nxt
Pulanaivu May 15, 2021 HD Out
Nenjam Marappathillai May 14, 2021 ZEE5 Tamil
Karnan May 14, 2021 Amazon Prime Video, Simply South
Eeswaran May 14, 2021 Tentkotta
Radhe (Tamil) May 13, 2021 ZEE Plex & ZEE5
Kadhal Paravaigal May 10, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Mei Maranthen May 10, 2021 Speed Audio & Video IN
Time Illa May 10, 2021 Speed Audio & Video IN
Mandela May 07, 2021 Simply South
Kvalthurai Ungal Nanban May 07, 2021 ZEE5 Tamil
Rama Yugam May 06, 2021 MX Player
Godzilla Vs Kong (Tamil) May 04, 2021 BookMyShow Stream
Sulthan May 02, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Karnan May 01, 2021 Einthusan TV (Overseas)
Idhu Ennoda Jilla May 01, 2021 ZEE5

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform April 2021

Movie Name Release Date Digital Platform
Chasing April 30, 2021 Simply South
Sulthan April 30, 2021 Simply South
Godzilla Vs Kong April 30, 2021 HBO Max, Apple TV
Unakkagathane April 29, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Mortal Kombat (Tamil) April 23, 2021 HBO Max
Kalathil Sandhippom April 23, 2021 ZEE5
Thaen April 23, 2021 Tentkotta
Manja Satta Pacha Satta April 23, 2021 Simply South
Marai Vaasi April 23, 2021 SUN NXT (tentative date)
Wild Dog (Tamil) April 22, 2021 Netflix
Power Play (Tamil) April 21, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Falcon & the winter soldier April 16, 2021 Hotstar
Ajeeb Daastaans (Tamil) April 16, 2021 Netflix
Vanakkam Da Mappilei April 16, 2021 SUN NXT
Yuvarathnaa (Tamil) April 16, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Paramapadham Vilayattu April 14, 2021 Hotstar
Mathil April 14, 2021 Zee5 Tamil
Vanakkam Da Mappilei April 14, 2021 SUN TV (Direct Television Premiere)
Theethum Nandrum April 14, 2021 Tentkotta
Kanni Raasi April 11, 2021 ZEE5 Tamil
Sarbath April 11, 2021 Colors Tamil (Direct Television Premiere)
Anbirkiniyal April 09, 2021 Tentkotta
Kamali From Nadukkaveri April 09, 2021 Tentkotta
Mandela April 05, 2021 Netflix
Mandela April 04, 2021 Vijay TV (Direct Television Premiere)
Anbirkiniyal April 04, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Kamali From Nadukkaveri April 04, 2021 Amazon Prime Video (Outside India)
Calls April 02, 2021 Tentkotta
Mirugaa April 02, 2021 Tentkotta
Asuran April 02, 2021 Simply South
Tom & Jerry (Tamil) April 02, 2021 BookMyShow Stream

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform March 2021

Movie Name Release Date Digital Platform
Godzilla Vs Kong March 31, 2021 HBO Max
TENET (Tamil) March 31, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Nani’s Jersey (Tamil) March 27, 2021 SUN NXT
Nenjam Marappathillai March 26, 2021 Tentkotta
Sema Thimiru March 26, 2021 Simply South
Parris Jeyaraj March 19, 2021 SUN NXT
Sanga Thalaivan March 29, 2021 Tentkotta
Care of Kaadhal March 15, 2021 Netflix
Teddy March 12, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Kutty Story March 12, 2021 Simply South (Outside INDIA)
TRIP March 10, 2021 SUN NXT
Naanum Single Thaan March 06, 2021 Simply South (Outside INDIA)
Aelay March 05, 2021 Netflix

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT February 2021

Movie Name Release Date (Tentative) Digital Platform
Aelay 28th February, 2021 Star Vijay
Kabadadhaari 26th February, 2021 Prime Video/ Tentkotta/ Simply South
Kalathil Santhippom 26th February, 2021 Tentkotta/ Simply South
Kutty Story 26th February, 2021 Einthusan
Theeni 26th February, 2021 ZEE Plex
Kabadadhaari 12th February, 2021 Einthusan
Live Telecast 12th February, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Eeswaran 12th February, 2021 Simply South
Yen Peyar Anandhan 02nd February, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Bheeshma (Santhanavan) 01st February, 2021 SUN NXT

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform 2021

Movie Name Release Date Digital Platform
Master 29th January, 2021 Amazon Prime Video, Simply South, Tentkotta
EPKO 306 22nd January, 2021 MX Player
The White Tiger (dub) 22nd January, 2021 Netflix
Sinam 22nd January, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Pulikkuthi Pandi 16th January, 2021 SUN NXT
Virumaandi 14th January, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Bhoomi 14th January, 2021 Disney+ Hotstar
Biskoth 10th January, 2021  ZEE5
Maara 08th January, 2021 Amazon Prime Video
Karuppankaatu Valasu 08th January, 2021  ZEE5
Kaalidas 07th January, 2021  ZEE5
Kombu 01st January, 2021  Simply South

In the above tables, you can find the list of Tamil movies scheduled for release in digital streaming platforms 2021 in the coming days. Movies like Sulthan, Doctor, Karnan, Jagame Thandiram, Valimai and other movies arriving soon on OTT platforms in the year 2021. You will find all the updates of new Tamil movies arriving soon on OTT Platforms like Amazon prime Video, SUN NXT, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, Netflix, Simply South and Tentkotta Apps.

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