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Virata Parvam Movie Review: Virata Parvam is a hotly anticipated Telugu film because of its high expectations and the stellar cast, making it one of the most anticipated films of the year. Because of his dedicated following and the fact that Virata Pravam did not look like a typical commercial film, Rana has developed a devoted following of his own. The film’s trailer also raised expectations tenfold, and the film finally opened in theatres on June 17th, 2022 to an outpouring of enthusiasm that has been nothing short of astounding.

Virata Parvam Movie Review


Vennela (Sai Pallavi) was born in Khammam, her family is communist, and she grew up with the same ideology. Ravi (Rana Daggibati) is a doctor in a small village in Warangal, and he also has communism in his blood. However, as a doctor, he stands Oval to the people and fights against landlords for exploitation, but an unexpected incident causes him to become a communist.

Cast & Crew

Movie Name Virata Paravam
Director Venu Udugula
Music Director Suresh Bobbili
Producer Sudhakar Cherukuri
Genre Drama
Cast RanaDaggubati, SaiPallavi, Priyamani, Nivetha Pethuraj, Nandita Das, Naveen Chandra
Editor Sreekar Prasad

Movie Verdict

One of the best-written stories in recent times, Virata Parvam is set in Naxal’s backdrop, but what sets it apart is its concentration on Vennela, a figure based on real life, and you’ll fall in love with her.
Vennela’s world is introduced at the beginning of the film, but the story then shifts to Ravi’s world, and the conflict is established early on. The first half of the film is excellent, with brilliant scenes as every scene helps in moving the story forward, and the interval bang is the heart of the second half. Despite these positives, the film has some flaws.
Unlike the first half, the second half concentrates on Vennela’s emotional journey and accurately addresses social issues. All the emotions and conflict land nicely at the end, which turns out to be an excellent film.
As the most dignifiedly written character in the film, Ravi has many shades because he must emote all of the characters’ emotions, and if any of those emotions appear artificial, the audience will lose connection with his character. However, Raana’s Ravi is brilliant, and we haven’t seen him before in this type of role, but he pulled it off effortlessly. Sai Pallavi’s Vennela is speechless; without Vennela, the film would have been a
While Venu Udugula’s first film, Needhi Naadi Oke Katha, showed him to be a talented writer, Virata Parvam is a stark contrast to that film. Despite the fact that he made one of the most intense and realistic films ever made in Telugu, his writing and dialogues move you emotionally and make you think in many scenes, and it’s not easy to create almost 8 to 10 key characters and every character has a backstory, as a result
It is difficult to overstate how impressive the film’s cinematography, directed by Dani Salo and shot by Divakar Mani, is. The music and soundtrack by Suresh Bobbili are superb, as are the efforts of the rest of the film’s technical crew.
To conclude, Virata Pravam is one of TFI’s most intense and realistic films, and it’s a must-see for everyone.

Rating: 3/5

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