Creflo Dollar controversy

Creflo Dollar, the controversial American pastor who asked his followers to pay for a new private jet, has been told he is not welcome in Glasgow.

He's scheduled to appear at the city's SECC in June for a crowd of thousands.

The Free Church's Moderator, Revd David Robertson, accused Mr Dollar of blasphemy and called him an embarrassment.

Creflo Dollar's presence here is revolting. He's a multimillionaire American televangelist who we don't need here.

It's humiliating to have someone like that show up. His prosperity gospel is heretical. It is not what the people of Scotland require to hear.

He's not welcome here. No way, not with that message. He delivers a horrifying message.

The pastor stated that the jet would be used to assist him in travelling around the world and spreading the Gospel.

According to the Church, the appeal was made to "like-minded people" and that "there was not, and will not be, a request for donations.