Evander Kane  Controversy

The Atlanta Thrashers drafted Kane fourth overall in 2009. The winger gained headlines for the wrong reasons just a few years after making his NHL debut, despite his on-ice ability.

Because of his talent, he's gotten several chances. NHL teams are eager to recruit the troublesome forward after the Sharks cancelled his contract for off-ice issues.


He has a history of legal and maturity troubles with Evander Kane

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A 21-year-old Buffalo woman sued Kane a year after he was traded to the Sabres, saying he abused her in his hotel room in December 2015, causing "severe emotional trauma" and "serious, lasting and painful personal injuries." Police cleared Kane of any wrongdoing. Kane didn't appear bothered.

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He was still in trouble months later. Kane's immaturity resurfaced after the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto.  He got a one-match punishment for missing practise.

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Three women accused Evander of grabbing them by the neck, hair, and arms in a bar where he was a regular in July 2016. He's denied four non-criminal harassment charges. The investigation and charges were later dropped.


Due to his declining play and legal difficulties, Buffalo was ready to trade Kane. In February 2018, he was traded to the San Jose Sharks, who were willing to ignore his off-ice issues.

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Kane was accused of breaking an abortion contract after he refused to pay a woman $3 million to end her pregnancy. Kane "pressured" her to get a second abortion a year earlier because he feared having a child would hurt his NHL career.

Later this year, a Las Vegas casino sued Kane for $500,000. Money and gambling troubles were just the tip of the iceberg.

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Media reports suggested he was insolvent with $100 million in gaming debts. When his ex-wife said he bet on his own games, things became worse (though the NHL could find no evidence of such bets). Kane's colleagues reportedly asked the team to trade him in 2020-21.

After violating NHL/NHLPA COVID-19 regulations, he received a 21-game ban in 2021-'22. Several media say Kane faked a vaccination card. The Sharks sent him to the AHL after his suspension.