Gandharwa Movie Box Office Collections World Wide Day Wise

Sandeep Madhav plays Avinash, an Indian Army soldier who was hurt in an accident in 1971 while reporting for duty and who unexpectedly awoke in the year 2021 wearing the same clothes. Avinash appears in the film Gandharwa. The remainder of the narrative explains why he travelled to the future.

The film Gandharwa stars Sandeep Madhav, Gayatri R. Suresh, and Sheetal Bhatt.

The movie Gandharwa has done well at the box office despite the fact that it was released alongside other films and received little promotion.

It had a negative impact on the company's first-day sales, which was a bad start.

A solid start for Sandeep Madhav's career, the film brought in about 0.65 crores on its first day of sales.

But experts claim that the film's pre-release business was acceptable, coming in at around 6 crores, which includes digital rights.

However, the films need a lot for its break-even.

Let's hope the film does well at the Box Office in the coming days.