Gandharwa movie ott release date

Gandharwa, starring Sandeep Madhav as an Army officer, is expected to be an action-packed film.

Movies like Gandharwa with Sandeep Madhav and Gayatri R Suresh act in the lead roles.

This is a concept film, Gandharwa.

Despite the fact that post-production on Gandharwa has not yet been completed, the film's producers remain positive.

Sandeep Madhav's film will be an outstanding achievement.

Because of his growing diverse range of roles, actor Sandeep Madhav's career is only going to get better.

In order to stream popular films on their own platforms, OTTs obtain digital rights from film studios.

However, the film's theatrical release date has not yet been announced by the film's producers.

After the picture opens in theatres, a date for its ott release will be announced.