Hocus pocus 2 dvd release date

The long-awaited sequel Hocus Pocus 2 has finally released its first trailer, which will be available in time for Halloween!

Disney has announced an official release date for Hocus Pocus 2, which will be released nearly 30 years after the original film.

While so many legacy sequels feel like shameless cashing in on nostalgia, the original film is a beloved cult classic.

The trailer debuted on June 28, 2022, and it was accompanied by an official poster.

There's also one full second of footage in Disney+'s 2022 teaser, which you could watch on repeat.

The sequel will be available on Disney+ on September 30, 2022, according to Disney's upfront presentation in May 2022.

The sequel began filming in Rhode Island on October 18, 2021, and will conclude in late January 2022.

Unfortunately, we won't be seeing Thora Birch reprise her role as Dani Dennison because of scheduling conflicts.