Jitendra Kumar's Jaadugar Movie OTT Release Date

As Jaadugar explains, Meenu (Jitendra Kumar), a magician who lives in a small town, must win a football game to marry the love of his life, even though he lacks physical skills.

Jitendra Kumar, Aarushi Sharma, and Javed Jaffrey feature in the film Jaadugar.

Posham Pa Pictures and Sameer Saxena produced and directed the film.

A well-known actor, Jitendra Kumar has appeared in a number of notable series, including Kota Factory and Panchayat.

More and more moviegoers are choosing to watch their preferred flicks on an OTT platform.

The OTT rights to the film were obtained by Netflix.

On July 15, 2022, Netflix will release Jaadugar.

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