Joker 2: Movie Rumoured Release Date US, UK With Joaquin Phoenix

The director shared the news in an Instagram post which shows off the new movie’s script on  7 June

Director Todd Phillips (Joker, War Dogs) has teased fans with an Instagram post confirming the  Joker 2 movie.

The director shared an image of the front of the script for the sequel, which states it has been written by himself and Scott Silver.

The dark thriller received rave reviews, with Phoenix winning the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020 for his role.

Fans have been left speculating about the French name Folie à Deux and if it could be a plot clue.

Phillips confirmed the sequel to the critically acclaimed Joker film on his Instagram account in a post on 7 June.

The Instagram post showed a script with a red cover that featured the title “Joker: Folie à Deux’’ and lists the writers as Phillips and Scott Silver, who both wrote the script for the 2019 instalment.

After releasing the post, Warner Bros. shared the images on their Twitter account, with the caption: “From the Instagram of @/ToddPhillips.”

However, this movie is not in the same universe as Phillip’s franchise, with the role of the Joker going to Barry Keoghan.