Maataraani Mounamidhi Telugu Movie Box Office Collections World Wide Day Wise

The movie cast are Sanjeev, Mahesh Datta, Archana Ananth, Keshav, Suman Shetty, and Soni Srivastava. Srihari Udayagiri.

The story of a singer who lost his sister and became totally reliant on his brother-in-law was related by Maataraani Mounamidhi.

When he finally came out of his funk, he fell in love with a girl who had a serious speech impediment, but he still proposed to her nevertheless, and she said no.

Suku Purvaj directed, Ivaram Charan shot the footage, Ashir Luke scored it, and Rudra Pictures made it all happen.

Maataraani Mounamidhi, which generate some buzz with teasers and trailer and during the promotions makers have claimed that the film has new points that no one has addressed before as these statements raised the expectations and carried that expectations

The first day's earnings of 0.20 crores for Maataraani Mounamidhi were respectable for a low-budget film

the film's reported pre-release business of 52 lakhs indicates that it still has a long way to go before it breaks even.

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