Nithin's Macherla Niyojakavargam Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

There are no laws or elections in Macherla due to Rajappa (Samuthirakani), a troublemaker.The village is handed over to Siddharth Reddy (Nithin), IAS officer. With the intention of pulling some pranks, Siddharth Reddy goes along with the plan and he gets into problems. Siddharth's actions towards Rajappa are shown in the final chapter.

Nithin, Krithi Shetty and Catherine star in the film.

For the first time, Nithin is starring in an action film. In the past, he has had a number of high-profile assignments.

But the story is what matters most in movies, be it romantic comedies or high-octane thrillers, and Macherla Niyojakavargam lacks one.

As compelling as Raja Shekhar Reddy's arguments were, he was unable to hold the attention of the audience during his whole film.

From a technical standpoint, Macherla Niyojakavargam is a true expert. The music in this film isn't as good as it typically is for Mahathi Swara Sagar films.

You should check out Macherla Niyojakavargam if you enjoy commercial films.

Rating: 3.5/5

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