Rocketry Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

While working at ISRO, former scientist and aerospace engineer Nambi Narayan (played by Madhavan) is inspired by his country's success in space exploration to design and build his own rocket.

R.Madhavan, Simran, Shah Rukh Khan, Suriya, and Gulshan Grover feature in this space adventure.

One of the most eagerly anticipated films in recent memory, Rocketry: The Nambi Effect was repeatedly delayed owing to the pandemic, but it finally premiered on July 01, 2022, to rapturous acclaim.

Because of the public's intense interest in finding out the truth regarding Nambi Narayan's fictitious spying allegations, the trailer was a critical failure.

In addition to having a powerful argument that caught everyone and an emotionally moving false accusation, Rocketry is one of the best films ever made in Indian cinema.

It begins with Nambi Naryan's childhood and then changes to his employment at ISRO, and the film never becomes boring.

In this picture, Rocketry's greatest asset is his ability to write, and every scene is filled with emotion and the world has never heard of his accomplishments.

Nambi Natayan's character transformation by Madhavan in this film is very stunning, and the rest of the ensemble did a fine job as well.

Rocketry and the rest of the departments put in a solid effort, and the results are impressive.

Finally, Rocketry is a film that everyone should see, and since it is an honest endeavour, you should definitely give it a shot.

Rating: 3/5