Shamshera Movie Review & Ratings

It’s been four long years since Ranbir Kapoor’s movie got released in theatres. It was in 2018 that we last saw him on screen as Sanju.

Shudh Singh, a ruthless authoritarian, imprisons, enslaves, and tortures a warrior tribe in the fictitious city of Kaza.

Shamshera is a tribal legend who tirelessly fights for his tribe’s freedom and dignity. This is the story of a man who became a slave, a slave who rose through the ranks to become a leader, and then a legend for his tribe.

Movie stars Ranbir Kapoor, and Vaani Kapoor in main roles, while Sanjay Dutt, Ronit Bose Roy, and Saurabh Shukla play important roles.

The movie is set up in a fictional city named Kaza, and the backdrop of the movie is something we have seen earlier in many movies. Though the story is so simple and looks old it is the emotional content of the movie that will connect with the audience

Ranbir plays two roles as father and son who fights against the odds and becomes a leader.

Mithoon impresses with his background score and songs, Anay Goswamy gets the right visuals as required for the story that looks rustic.

Karan Malhotra who is well known for his films Agneepath and Brothers once again took a simple plot and depended more on emotions between the characters.

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