Vijay Devarakonda Cars and Bikes Collection

Tollywood actor Vijay Devarakonda's name is one of the most widely recognised in the industry today. Following the massive success of Arjun Reddy, in which he played a lovelorn doctor with anger management difficulties, the actor skyrocketed to fame.

After that massive hit, Vijay Devarakonda did a lot more to win over the public. Whether he's showing off his uber-cool fashion sense or sending warm compliments to his followers, the actor's social media presence is on point.

The actor is famous for his love of vehicles in addition to his many endorsement deals and upcoming ventures. He is a firm believer in the status symbol that is the possession of a fleet of flashy, high-priced automobiles.

He must have a very nice Ford Mustang, which is one of his favourite cars. The Mustang, which apparently costs approximately 75 Lakhs, is one of Vijay Devarakonda's favourite cars in the world, as he said in a Facebook interview not too long ago, as reported by GQ India.

The actor from Geeta Govindam reportedly drives this fancy vehicle to and from set and around Hyderabad frequently. A premium SUV, the classic Merc can be found in the Devarakonda garage for upwards of 60 lakhs.

The Southern sweetheart also adores his BMW 5 series luxury vehicle. The cost of one of the film industry's favourite cars is rumoured to start at 65 lakhs.

His Volvo XC 90 is one of the priciest cars in his garage. This secure SUV is now part of Vijay Devarakonda's car collection, and it can be yours for a starting price of around Rs 85 Lakh.

The new-generation Range Rover SUV is another highly sought-after vehicle among Hollywood insiders due to its luxurious interior and impressive performance. According to sources, the total price tag for this magnificent addition to his collection is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 65 lakhs.

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