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3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes Series Review: OTT platforms have completely changed the process of film making in all languages. Makers are now choosing some new faces to appear in the movies and series that are made completely for OTT streaming experience. As big stars from different languages can’t take chance to appear in OTT movies or series, many talented actors are getting opportunities in OTT movies and series. Sony Liv have announced another Telugu series recently with the titled ‘3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes’ that is available for streaming from today. Let us get into the detailed review of this series to know if this series with some new faces is watchable on Sony Liv.

3Cs - Choices, Chances, and Changes Series Review


Three close friends find themselves on an uncharted island when they come to and begin to piece together how they got there as well as the numerous challenges and exciting experiences that lie ahead for them. As soon as everyone realises that drugs were put into the drinks that these three ladies consumed earlier, they become the target of a manhunt by their peers. The remainder of the story focuses on answering questions such as “What is the motive for all of these chases?” and “How did they manage to escape out of this problem that they have created for themselves?”

Cast & Crew

3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes series cast includes Spandana Palli, Nitya Shetty, Gnaneswari Kandregula, Sanjay Rao, Ram Nitin, Viren thambidorai, Sandeep Ved, Shantanu, Appaji. This series is directed by Sampath Kumar Thota and produced by Rahul Yadav & Suhasini Rahul. Music of this series is composed by Achu Rajamani, while background music is composed by Sunil Kashyap and cinematography is handled by Abhiraj Nair.

Series Name 3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes
Director Sampath Kumar Thota
Music Director Achu Rajamani, Sunil Kashyap
Producer Rahul Yadav & Suhasini Rahul
Genre Thriller, Drama
Cast Spandana Palli, Nitya Shetty, Gnaneswari Kandregula, Sanjay Rao, Ram Nitin, Viren thambidorai, Sandeep Ved, Shantanu, Appaji
Cinematography Abhiraj Nair

Series Verdict

It is always a big task for the directors to make the audience invest their time to watch the movies, series or short films that are made by them with passion. If any single thing in the whole movie or series disappoints the audience, then the efforts they have put to make the project goes in vain. This mostly happens in case of new directors, as they have no prior experience in film making.

‘3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes’ is one such series that have released on one of the best OTT platforms in India, but the making and quality of this series will definitely disappoint the audience. This series had a good plot point, but the execution of this point and the scenes written looks very boring with some artificial performances from the lead actors in this series. There are very few scenes in this whole series that will entertain audience to some extent.

While it comes to the acting performances, Spandana Palli who earlier acted in few movies looks very artificial with her expressions, Nitya Shetty is okay to some extent when compared to other two lead actresses, but disappoints with her looks. Gnaneswari Kandregula neither entertains with her looks nor with her performance. Ram Nitin, who was decent in ‘Hello World’ series, failed to perform this time. Sanjay Rao role is limited and has nothing much to do. All other actors did their part as required for the story.

Technically ‘3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes’ looks okay. Music composed by Achu Rajamani, Sunil Kashyap suits the mood of the story, especially the background score composed by Sunil Kashyap. Cinematography handled by Abhiraj Nair could have been better, when handling such dark comedy series. Editing of this series could have been better, if some unwanted and dragged scenes were trimmed off. Production values are decent.

Director Sampath Kumar Thota has tried his best to bring the best out put, but failed in creating an interesting series that can thrill the audience. His inexperience can be clearly seen in many scenes from the whole series.

Overall, ‘3Cs – Choices, Chances, and Changes’ is an average series that can be watched on Sony Liv OTT platform this weekend, as there are no other movies choices to stream and no theatrical movie releases.

Plus Points:

  • Few Scenes from different episodes
  • 1st episode

Minus Points:

  • Draggy Narration
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

Rating: 2.25/5

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