Abhishek Rath Hits and Flops Movies List

Abhishek Rath Hits and Flops Movies List: Abhishek Rath is an Indian actor who mainly works in Ollywood. Abhishek Rath made his debut with the film called ACP Sagarika which was released in 2013. Later he did a few films which them few have fared well and few didn’t do well at the box office.

Abhishek Rath Hits and Flops Movies List

Abhishek Rath has appeared in almost 6 films and his success rate is not that impressive, and Abhishek Rath was last seen in a film called Tume Mo Sankha Tume which was released in 2021. However, Abhishek Rath’s upcoming films have no update as of now. We here in this article listed out Abhishek Rath’s hits and flops and do check them out.

Abhishek Rath Hits and Flops Movies List

S.NO Movie Released Year Verdict
1 ACP Sagarika 2013 Hit
2 Kehi Nuhen Kahara 2015 Average
3 Revenge 2016 Flop
4 Katha Deli Matha Chuin 2017 Hit
5 Baiasali 2019 Flop
6 Tume Mo Sankha Tume 2021 Average

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