12 Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video with IMDB Rating

12 Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Watch Online Based on IMDB movie Ratings

In sorting this list out, IMDb ratings is one of the prominent parameters we usually rely on!
Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video with IMDB Rating

Gone are the days where people were eagerly waiting to watch premier movies on television for a festival release or some special occasion. Now everything has been digitalized and demands more exigency in getting what man wants as citizens slowly evolving as cyber-citizens. So, In this era, there are some paid subscription services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu etc., that have been emerging since a decade in order to offer quality and ad-free service to the movie buffs.

Out of all the streaming services, the majority of the audience usually prefer to have Amazon Prime Video subscription along with regional streaming services like Hotstar, Zee5, Viu etc., as it not only offers a wide range of content with an unbeatable playback experience for all ages but also allows to view the same title in two devices.

#1. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya (2019)

Athreya(Naveen Polishetty)is a small time detective agent in Nellore who is looking for one big case to make it big in his career. One fine day, he comes across the case of a dead body which has been abandoned near a railway track. Athreya starts his investigation and comes to know that these bodies which are being found have a criminal connection. Rest of the story is as to how Athreya goes in detail and cracks this case.

Director: Swarooj RSJ
Starring: Naveen Polishetty, Shruti Sharma
Genres: Drama, International
IMDb: 8.5
Duration: 2h 24min
Release Date: 21 June 2019

#2. Mathu Vadalara (2019)

Babu Mohan (Sri Simha) is a courier boy by profession. Upset by his poor life, he decides to cheat his customers and make money. He targets a special apartment for his loot and right when he manages to rob a lady, she dies on the stop. Who is this lady? Did Babu kill her? Will he be arrested? and how will he come out of this crazy mess is the whole story of the film.

Director: Ritesh Rana
Starring: Sri Simha Koduri, Athulya Chandra, Vennela Kishore
Genres: Drama, International, Action
IMDb: 8.3
Duration: 2h 8min
Release Date: 24 December 2019

#3. Brochevaruevarura (2019)

Vishal(Sree Vishnu), Rocky(Priyadarshi), and Rambo(Rahul Ramakrishna) are three friends who fail their intermediate thrice and keep on wasting time. In such a situation, Mitra(Nivetha Thomas) joins their college and becomes close to them. On the other hand, Mitra has some serious issues with her dad and wants to get out of her house and seeks the help of the three friends. The gang makes a crazy plan and executes it well. But to their surprise, the events that follow create massive problems for them. What are those problems? and how did they come out of it is the whole story of the film?

Director: Vivek Athreya
Starring: Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Thomas, Nivethapethuraj
Genres: Drama, International, Action
IMDb: 8.3
Duration: 2h 18min
Release Date: 28 June 2019

#4. HIT: The First Case (2020)

Vikram(Vishwak Sen) is an aggressive cop who has a painful past. One fine day, a girl named Preeti gets kidnapped and Vikram is involved in the case. Things become even crazier when Vikram’s girlfriend, Neha(Ruhani Sharma) also gets kidnapped in the very same way. The rest of the story is as to how Vikram solves this case and nabs the culprit.

Director: Dr. Sailesh Kolanu
Starring: Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Srinath Maganti, Murali Sharma and others
Genres: Thriller/ Suspense
IMDb: 7.7
Subtitles: English
Languages: తెలుగు
Release Date: 28 February 2020

#5. Maharshi (2019)

Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi is undoubtedly one of the biggest releases in recent times. The film directed by Vamsi Paidipally has hit the screens amidst massive expectations. Let’s see whether it lives up to all its hype or not.

Director: Vamsi Paidipally
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Allari Naresh, Pooja hegdeSree Vishnu, Nivetha Thomas, Nivethapethuraj
Genres: Drama
IMDb: 7.3
Duration: 2h 57min
Release Date: 9 May 2019

#6. Jaanu (2020)

Ram is a travel photographer and reminisces about his school days. In 2004, while he was at high school, he developed feelings for Jaanu, a talented singer, and she reciprocated as well. After their board exams, Jaanu tells Ram not to forget her until they meet again after the holidays.A school reunion is arranged through their school WhatsApp group. Ram and Jaanu meet after 15 years.

Director: C. Premkumar
Starring: Sharwanand, Samantha
Genres: Romance, International
IMDb: 7.2
Duration: 2h 30min
Release Date: 7 February 2020

#7. Chitralahari (2019)

Vijay(Sai Dharam Tej) is an engineering graduate who develops an app and keeps approaching various companies. But to his bad luck, he gets rejected most of the time. Left with no choice, he starts working at a TV shop and falls in love with Lahari(Kalyani Priyadarshan). But things change with the entry of Shanti(Nivetha Pethuraj) as Vijay loses his love and hope in life.

Director: Kishore Tirumala
Starring: Sai Dharam Tej, Kalyani Priyadarshini, Nivetha Pethuraj
Genres: Drama,International
IMDb: 7.1
Duration: 1h 19min
Release Date: 12 April 2019

#8. Kalki (2019)

Kalki, an intelligent police officer, is assigned to investigate the mysterious murder of Sekhar, the brother of Narsappa, who rules the Kollapuram village. He starts getting deep into the case but to his surprise, there is much more to the murder mystery. It is an action thriller film. The second half of the film is quite engaging and credit should be given to its director Prashan Varma.

Director: Prashanth Varma
Starring: Rajashekar, Adah Sharma, Nandita Shwetha
Genres: Drama, Action, Suspense
IMDb: 7.0
Duration: 2h 19min
Release Date: 28 June 2019

#9. O Pitta Katha (2020)

Vikram is a 30-year-old cop. While he is battling with his own traumatic past, the stakes get high when a girl called Preethi mysteriously disappears in Hyderabad and Vikram has to solve the case at any cost.

Director: Chandu Muddu
Starring: Nithya Shetty, Sanjay Rao, Viswant Duddumpudi, Brahmaji and others
Genres: Thriller/ Drama
IMDb: 6.9
Release Date: 06th March, 2020

#10. Falaknuma Das (2019)

A group of youngsters led by Das establish themselves as the top gang in Falaknuma. However, their attempts to monopolise the meat business in the area leads to some unexpected consequences and drives them down a path of violence.

Director: Vishwak Sen
Starring: Vishwak Sen, Saloni Mishra, Harshita Gaur
Genres: Drama, International
IMDb: 6.3
Duration: 2h 24min
Release Date: 31 May 2019

#11. Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020)

Sarileru Neekevvaru is the story of Ajay Krishna (Mahesh Babu), a superior Army Major who is a player in handling tough tasks across the border. Soon, Ajay moves to Kurnool on a secret mission and he comes to know about a tiff of a family with the antagonist.

Director: Anil Ravipudi
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Vijayasanthi, Rashmika Mandanna
Genres: Drama, Action, Comedy
IMDb: 6.2
Duration: 2h 51min
Release Date: 11 January, 2020

#12. F2- Fun and Frustration (2019)

After Venky, Varun also gets married thinking he can keep the wife in control but both of them gets frustrated with the marital life which generates fun.

Director: Anil Ravipudi
Starring: Venkatesh, Varuntej, Tamannaah
Genres: Comedy, International
IMDb: 6.2
Duration: 2h 31min
Release Date: 12 January 2019

Best Telugu Movies on Amazon Prime Video Streaming Now

Movie Name IMDB Rating
Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra 8.6/10
Maara 7.6/10
HIT: The First Case 7.7/10
Palasa 1978 7.4/10
Madha 5.2/10
Evaru 8.2/10
Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya 8.4/10
Jaanu 6.9/10
Sarileru Neekevvaru 6/10
Mana Oori Ramayanam 6.9/10
O Pitta Katha 6.9/10
Nani’s Gang Leader 7.6/10
Saaho 5.2/10
Brochevarevarura 8/10
Lucifer 7.5/10
Majili 7.2/10
Chitralahari 7.1/10
2.0 6.2/10
Uttama Villain 7.2/10
Baahubali: The Beginning 8/10
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 8.2/10
Arjun Reddy 8.1/10
Goodachari 7.9/10
Rangasthalam 8.4/10
RX 100 6.9/10
Mahanati 8.5/10
Maharshi 7.2/10

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