Chiranjeevi Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2024-2025 (Recently Updated)

Chiranjeevi Upcoming Telugu Movies List: After his foray into politics, Chiranjeevi has returned to the spotlight in a big way, establishing a strong pipeline with up-and-coming directors and inspiring a renewed interest in the actor’s classic roles. Despite the fact that Chiranjeevi has been undertaking back-to-back films, and the list would blow your mind, the anticipation for his upcoming film God Father, an official remake of the Malayalam mega smash film Lucifer, have doubled as a result of Salman Khan’s cameo appearance in the film.

Chiranjeevi Upcoming Telugu Movies List

Both Chiranjeevi’s parents, Sri Venkat Rao and Srimathi Anjana Devi, have since died away, leaving him an only parent. He was born on August 22, 1955, in Mogallturu, India, which is in the West Godavari District of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Since his father was a police officer, the family often moved around to different departments. His grandparents took care of him and his siblings while they were young, and they all lived in the same small village where he was born.

His two older sisters are his older brothers, making him the youngest of four children. His younger brother Nagendra Babu is a film producer and actor. His younger brother Pawan Kalyan is also an actor. Chiranjeevi went to schools in Nidadavolu, Gurajala, Bapatla, Ponnuru, Mangalagiri, and Mogalturu. After finishing high school, he enrolled in C.S.R.Sharma Junior College in Ongole. Chiranjeevi is the first major Bollywood celebrity to abandon India’s classical dancing styles. It was in his film “Pasivadi Pranam” that he first introduced Break Dance to the Indian public. Chiranjeevi’s ability to captivate new audiences through his trademark dance style is undeniable.

Chiranjeevi Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2024, 2025

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Fans everywhere are counting down the days before the release of all three films, and that’s before we even get to the astounding potential crossovers between them. You can bookmark this page and return later to learn more about the future film’s cast and crew.

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