Debshankar Haldar Hits and Flops Movies List

Debshankar Haldar Hits and Flops Movies List: Debshankar Haldar is a theater artist as he did many plays over the years, Debshankar Haldar mainly works in Bengali films. Debshankar Haldar was born in Kolkata and his father Abhay Haldar also an actor, Debshankar Haldar graduated from the college called Scottish Church College in Kolkata.

Debshankar Haldar Hits and Flops Movies List

Debshankar Haldar made his debut with the film called Rasta which was released in 2003, from then he did many films and his success rate is pretty good in his entire career he gave few flops. Despite the films, Debshankar Haldar did serials called Happy parents Day, LOkkhi Kakima Superstar which was released in 2022, and Apni Ki Bolen which was also released in 2022. However, here in this article we listed out Debshankar Haldar’s hits and flops, and do check them out.

Debshankar Haldar Hits and Flops Movies List

S.No Movies Released Year Verdict
1 Mahananda 2022 Hit
2 Cholo Potol Tuli 2020 HIt
3 Maya Mridanga 2016 Average
4 Tadanto 2016 Flop
5 Arundhati 2014 Hit
6 Alik Sukh 2013 Hit
7 Rasta 2003 Average
8 Bhalo Theko 2003 Average
9 Mahulbanir Sereng 2004 Hit
10 Herbert 2006 Average
11 Chha-e Chhuti 2009 Average
12 Muktodhara 2012 Average
13 Accident 2012 Hit
14 Na Hannyate 2012 Average
15 Kalkijug 2015 Hit
16 Kintu Golpo Noi 2018 Average
17 Gahin Hriday 2018 Average
18 Drishyantar 2018 Flop

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