Duniya Vijay Hits and Flops Movies List

Duniya Vijay Hits and Flops Movies List: Duniya Vijay, also known as B R Vijay Kumar, is an Indian actor who primarily works in Kannada films. He is also known by the names Duniya Viji and Duniya Vjay. In the beginning of his career, he played supporting parts until he was cast in the lead role of Duniya. His performances in the films Chanda, Junglee, Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam, and Jayammana Maga have earned him a lot of attention.

Duniya Vijay Hits and Flops Movies List

Duniya Vijaya has appeared in more than 25 feature films in a lead role. He appeared in a negative role from the movie ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ in Telugu that has released in 2023, marking his debut in Telugu movies. Below are the list of hits and flops in his career.

Duniya Vijay Hits and Flops Movies List

SL.No Movie Released Year Verdict
1 Duniya 2007 Blockbuster
2 Yuga 2007 Flop
3 Geleya 2007 Hit
4 Chanda 2007 Super Hit
5 Avva 2008 Hit
6 Slum Bala 2008 Flop
7 Junglee 2009 Super Hit
8 Thaakath 2009 Flop
9 Devru 2009 Flop
10 Shankar IPS 2010 Flop
11 Kari Chirathe 2010 Flop
12 Kanteerava 2011 Average
13 Veera Bahu 2011 Super Hit
14 Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam 2011 Super Hit
15 Jarasandha 2011 Super Hit
16 Bheema Theeradalli 2012 Super Hit
17 Rajanikantha 2012 Disaster
18 Jayammana Maga 2013 Super Hit
19 Shivajinagara 2014 Average
20 Simhadri 2014 Flop
21 Jackson 2015 Hit
22 Daksha 2015 Hit
23 RX Soori 2015 Super Hit
24 Ring Road 2015 Average
25 Dana Kayonu 2016 Super Hit
26 Masti Gudi 2017 Super Hit
27 Kanaka 2018 Hit
28 Johnny Johnny Yes Papa 2018 Hit
29 Salaga 2021 Hit

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