Gaami OTT release date confirmed

Mass Ka Dass Vishwak Sen‘s recent outing Gaami is all set to hit the OTT space. The film had its theatrical release on March 08, 2024, and gained positive responses from the audience and critics as well.

Gaami movie will premiere on 12 April 2024 on Zee5. Gaami was made with a minimal budget but the audiance were shocked after seeing the output. The output they achieved under budget controls is equal to Hollywood cinema.

Gaami stars Vishwak sen, Chandini Chowdary, M G Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada, Dayanand Reddy, Shanthi Rao, Mayank Parakh, John Kottoly, Bomma Sreedhar, Rajnish Sharma, sharath Kumar N, Shankar Mahanthi, Aumkar Kotamraju, KLK Mani, Sanjay Ratha, K R Unnikrishnan, B Venkat Raman Rao, Rajiv Kumar, Mahija, Ram, and others.

The film is directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, cinematography by Vishwanath Reddy, music composed by Naresh Kumaran, edited by Raghavendra Thirun, and produced by crowd and Karthik Sabareesh.

Gaami movie was started as a crowdfunding movie but after the first schedule, it became impossible to do a film with a crowdfunding budget, so a producer called Karthik Sabareesh who produced Manu took over the project.

Later UV Creations backed the project and released the film. The story is about Aghora Shankar (Vishwak Sen) has a rare disease called ‘haphophobia’, If he touches a human, he suddenly gets unconscious. To cure his disease, he needs to get the rare ‘Maali Patra’ which is available in the Himalayas. Finally, He starts his quest to get the maali patra and how he faces all the obstacles to get the maali patra is all about the film.

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