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Gandharwa Telugu Movie Review: fame of George Reddy The long-awaited movie Gandharwa, which stars Sandeep Madhav, finally hit theatres today due to a lack of promotion on the part of the producers. However, the picture has a distinct premise, which is what makes it look interesting and has been receiving positive reviews. Let’s take a closer look at the film and determine whether it’s worth seeing or not.

Gandharwa Telugu Movie Review



In the movie Gandharwa, Sandeep Madhav plays Avinash, a member of the Indian Army who was injured in an accident in 1971 while returning to duty and who unexpectedly awoke in the year 2021 wearing the same clothes. The rest of the story explains why he went from the past to the future.

Cast & Crew

Sandeep Madhav, Gayatri R. Suresh, and Sheetal Bhatt starred in the Apsar-directed movie Gandharwa. Jawahar Reddy handled the film’s cinematography, Rap Rock Shakeel handled the music composition, and Funny Fox Entertainments is in charge of producing it.

Movie Name Gandharwa
Director Apsar
Music Director Rock Shakeel
Producer Funny Fox Entertainments
Genre Family, Thriller
Cast Sandeep Madhav, Gayatri R. Suresh, and Sheetal Bhatt
Editor Baswa Pydi Reddy

Movie Verdict

Sandeep Madhav is one of the most underappreciated actors because of his work in biopics like Vangaveeti and George Reddy. However, for the first time, he tried to do things his own way because the plot of the film seemed too compelling but appeared too manufactured on screen due to the presence of too many commercial elements.
However, the film failed to hold the audience’s interest throughout the entire running time, but it does have a few blocks that make you interested partially, and the climax could have been better. The film starts off well with proper story establishment but it falters within 30 minutes as the film shifts into unnecessary comedy scenes.
Posani Krishan Murali has done well in establishing some curiosity to watch with his comedic timing, and the rest of the cast did well. Sandeep Madhav as Avinash is just oaky as he seems unreal in the military part, and he played Vijay character well.
Technically speaking, Gandharva is hardly passable, and Jawahar Reddy’s cinematography is below par Rap The background score for Rock Shakeel is decent in several areas, and the other departments gave it their all.
Finally, Gandharwa is a one-time viewing; if you don’t have anything else to watch, watch it.

Rating: 3/5

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