Gangs of Godavari Postponed, New Release Date Locked

Commonly, films get postponed but fans and movie lovers get irritated when the film gets postponed multiple times.

likewise happening with Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen’s movie Gangs of Godavari. The film got postponed almost twice and was finally all set to hit screens on May 17, 2024, but as per the latest news, the film got postponed again.

The makers have strongly said that the film will come on May 17, 2024, but the reasons for the postponement are kept under wraps. However, we can hunch that, due to the elections, the film got postponed.

It’s impossible to grab the audience’s attention during election time and that will directly affect the movie openings at the box office.

However, Vishwak Sen’s fans and movie lovers were disappointed with the postponement. However, they are also happy with the new release date. Well, Gangs of Godavari is all set to hit the screens on 31 May 2024.

Bhargav Reddy

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