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Hunt Review: Sudheer Babu kept choosing some experimental scripts from the start of his career, but somehow failing to entertain audience and unable to reach larger section of audience. After the disaster ‘Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali’ he is back with an action drama ‘Hunt’. Hunt released today in theatres on occasion of Republic Day. Let us get into the detailed review of this movie to know if Sudheer Babu is able to get the much needed success with this movie.

Hunt Review


Assistant Commissioner Aryan Dev is murdered and the case is handed over to Arjun Prasad, a very honest police officer. During the investigation Arjun Prasad meets with an accident and forgets the past. In order to solve Aryan Dev’s case Arjun needs to recall what happened that leads to many twists and turns.

Cast & Crew

Hunt movie stars Sudheer Babu in the lead role, while Srikanth Meka, Bharath Niwas, Mime Gopi, Kabir Singh, Ravi Varma played other important roles in the movie. Hunt movie is directed by Mahesh Surapaneni and produced by V Ananda Prasad on Bhavya Creation production banner. Music of this movie is composed by Ghibran and cinematography is handled by Arul Vincent. Prawin Pudi took care of the editing.

Movie Name Hunt
Director Mahesh Surapaneni
Music Director Ghibran
Producer V Ananda Prasad
Genre Action, Thriller, Drama
Cast Sudheer Babu, Srikanth Meka, Bharath Niwas
Cinematography  Arul Vincent


Hunt movie looks like an unofficial remake of the Malayalam super hit movie ‘Mumbai Police’ that received many accolades for its making and story telling. Though the trailer of this movie was very well designed, as soon as the movie starts in the theatre, you will understand that most of the scenes are seen elsewhere, if you have already watched ‘Mumbai Police’ in Malayalam.

Though movie looks like an unofficial remake of Mumbai Police movie, director tried to inject few elements that could connect with Telugu audience. Final twist in the movie might be unpredictable to many and might not be appealing to few section of audience as well.

While it comes to acting performances, Sudheer Babu is very good in the role of a cop struggling to recall what happened to him. His efforts in the action scenes are appreciable. Srikanth Meka played very important role in the movies that travels with the lead character most of the time and he did good. Bharat Niwas was okay in the role of Aaryan Dev, he could have been better in few scenes. All other actors did their part as required for the characters.

Technically Hunt movie looks okay. Songs have no importance in the movie, however background score composed by Ghibran creates the required interest in the scenes. Cinematography by Arul Vincent is good for few scenes and could have been much better for few more scenes. Action sequences are well choreographed. Production values are okay.

Director Mahesh Surapaneni tried to present the story that has already been said in other language with some changes made to entertain present day audience. He needs to improve a little more in terms of making the movie.

Overall, Hunt is an action filled entertainer with few unexpected twits and turns that can be watched in theatres.

Plus Points:

  • Action Scenes
  • Sudheer Babu

Minus Points:

  • Narration
  • Screenplay

Rating: 2.75/5

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