Jagjeet Sandhu Hits and Flops Movies List

Jagjeet Sandhu Hits and Flops Movies List: Jagjeet Sandhu was born in 1990 in a village called Himmatgarh, he did graduation with a Master of Arts in theater group from Punjab University. Jagjeet Sandhu is an actor who mainly works in Punjabi films and after a lot of struggle, he started his career with the film called Rupinder Gandhi which was released in 2015. However. Jagjeet Sandhu did a role in Bhola which was the best role at the time and it helped him in getting fame.

Jagjeet Sandhu Hits and Flops Movies List

Jagjeet Sandhu is also well known for Hindi cinema and he did a role in Amazon Prime Video’s Pataal Lok series, the character called Top Singh and he was praised for his performance. Jagjeet Sandhu was last seen in a series called Escaype Live which is streaming on Disney+Hotstar. However, here in this article, we listed out Jagjeet Sandhu’s hits and flops do check them below.

Jagjeet Sandhu Hits and Flops Movies List

S.NO Movie Released Year Verdict
1 Rupinder Gandhi – The Gangster..? 2015 Hit
2 Qissa Panjab 2015 Average
3 Anatomy of Violence 2016 Flop
4 Rabb Da Radio 2017 Average
5 Rocky Mental 2017 Average
6 Dakuan Da Munda 2018 Hit
7 Kaka Ji 2019 Hit
8 Rabb Da Radio 2 2019 Hit
9 Shadaa 2019 Average
10 Leila 2019 Flop
11 Mitti: Virasat Babbaran Di[11] 2019 Flop
12 Unni Ikki 2019 Average
13 Sufna 2020 Average
14 Taxi No. 24 2020 Hit

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