Lakshmi Kalyanam (Star MAA) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Lakshmi Kalyanam (Star MAA) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: This Telugu show, Lakshmi Kalyanam, is a family drama. On February 7, 2017, Vijay TV began airing a remake of the same serial, titled the same thing but in Tamil. The show premiered on Maa TV, which broadcasts the original Telugu version. The story of the serial centers on the relationship between two sisters, or more simply put, it is a story about two sisters.

Lakshmi Kalyanam

Lakshmi Kalyanam (Star MAA)

 The story depicts the complex web of feelings and commitment that holds families together, and it’s great to see that at its centre are siblings. A brother relationship is often cited as one of life’s most meaningful and permanent aspects. So much of who we become is shaped by our parents—the values they instil in us, the way they care for us, and the sacrifices they make on our behalf. It’s common for those without siblings to envy those who do.

Lakshmi Kalyanam Cast

Harshita as Lakshmi

Lakshmi Kalyanam Cast

Priyatham Charan as Kalyan

Lakshmi Kalyanam Cast


Lakshmi Kalyanam Cast

Lakshmi Kalyanam Timings

 Life, however, has a funny way of flipping plans on their heads. Similarly, Lakshmi had to make a great sacrifice, or rather a series of sacrifices, for her sister when fate stepped in and altered the course of events in the serial. 

Channel Name Star MAA
Serial Timings 2.00 P.M (Monday- Saturday)
Running Time 22 Minutes
Starting Date 7 November 2016
Language Telugu
Country India

Lakshmi Kalyanam Story

The lives of Lakshmi and Swathi are chronicled in Lakshmi Kalyanam. When their mother dies when the girls are young, Lakshmi steps up to provide for her younger sister as if she were her own child. To top it all off, she has a deep love for her whole family. Lakshmi is trying to make ends meet and pay for her sister’s schooling by running a tiny embroidery shop. The depth of the sisters’ affection for one another is touching, and it will make you appreciate your own siblings more. After all, we just want our siblings to agree with us. Right?

What does Lakshmi give up in order to save the world? Keep that in mind as you read on since there are spoilers coming! Lakshmi’s goal in marrying Kalyan is to set up her sister Swathi with Kalyan’s brother Vinod in a happy marriage. Rajeswari Devi, her future mother-in-law, demands that she have her uterus removed as soon as she arrives at her new home, as this is one of the conditions of the marriage. Because she cares about her sister, Lakshmi quickly agrees to this. Concerns over Lakshmi’s future are widespread. 

Serial Name Lakshmi Kalyanam
Genre Drama
Starting Date 7 November 2016
End Date 10 October 2020
No.of Episodes 1,128
Timings Mon to Sat 2.00 pm
Run Time 22 min
Channel Star MAA
Language Telugu
Director A. R. Ramesh
Producer NA
Production House NA

The show has all the hallmark elements of a typical family soap opera. There are dark plans hatched by Rajeswari Devi, sad scenes like when Lakshmi loses her job or Swathi tries to kill herself (told you, spoilers!), and happy scenes as when Lakshmi and Kalyan finally get together in a romantic way.

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