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Manchu Vishnu’s Ginna Movie Review: Despite the criticism, Manchu Vishnu produced a film called Ginna after the failure of Mosagaallu. The trailer and promotional activities generated some buzz, and using that buzz as fuel, the film was finally released today, October 21, 2022. Let’s read the detailed review to determine whether the movie is worth seeing or not.

Ginna Telugu Movie Review


The plot of Ginna’s story is as follows: Ginna is from Thirupathi, where he runs a tent house called Ginna Tent House with his friends. He owes a goon a small amount, and the problem arises that he must pay back or else marry Sunny Leone, his sister. In the course of the proceedings, he enters the house, where he and his friends encounter supernatural phenomena.

Cast & Crew

Ginna, starring Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Saddam, and Naresh, was directed by Eeshaan Suryah. Chota K. Naidu handled the cinematography, Anoop Rubens handled the music, and Manchu Vishnu oversaw production under the umbrella of Ava Entertainments.

Movie Name Ginna
Director Suryah
Music Director Anoop Rubens
Producer Manchu Vishnu
Genre Horror-Comedy
Cast Vishnu Manchu, Payal Rajput, Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore, Saddam, and Naresh
Cinematography Chota K. Naidu

Movie Verdict

Vishnu Manchu, who became more well-known for his trolls than for his films, was a benefit to the movie promotion, whether directly or indirectly. A few comedic parts may make you chuckle, but after a while, they start to resemble Jabardast comedy, thus although Vishnu tried a dated genre—Horror Comedy—for the first time, the film lacks anything new to keep audiences interested from the beginning to end.

While viewing the movie, we could feel that the style of presentation is antiquated because we have watched many movies with the same format, such as the hero being introduced, followed by a song, a few amusing scenes with his friends, falling in love with a female, and then the hero running into difficulty. The first half had a sparse number of entertaining comedic bits and a tedious storyline. The producers believed that an exciting intermission would entice viewers to stay for the second half, but the genre is no longer popular, so we won’t be intrigued.

The pace of the film lowers in the second half with forceful humour and routine moments, and the main emotion also didn’t land well. The second half totally centered on horror components with a mystery around scenes that were fantastic for a while albeit all obsolete.

Payal Rajput has no involvement in the role because her character is only intended for intimate scenes, Manchu Vishnu as Ginna is good in a few comedy scenes as it reminds him of his one and only successful film Dhee, but aside from comedy he failed to entertain the audience, Sunny Leone is good in a few portions as usual and the rest of the cast performs admirably. Saddam, Naresh, and Vennela Kishore all performed admirably.

Suryaah, a debutante, has entirely failed to engage the audience with the movie because Kona Venkat’s tale is out of date and there are some similarities to the movie “Dookudu” in it. Sadly, none of these factors improve the movie.

Technically speaking, Ginna is below mediocre since Chota K Naidu failed to deliver strong visuals—we can see some obtrusive lighting in the pictures, but why? He would be better off retiring or modernizing because Anup Rubens’ songwriting and BGM were a total failure.

Watch Ginna at your own risk; it’s an antiquated Horror Comedy that lacks both comedy and horror.


  • Few Comedy Scenes


  • Routine Story
  • Routine Screenplay
  • Lackluster Performances

Rating: 2.5/5

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