Maruthi Upcoming Movies List 2024, 2025 (Recently Updated)

Maruthi Upcoming Movies List: Maruthi Dasari is a director, screenwriter, and producer who mostly works in Telugu movies. He is best known for making and directing the low-budget movies Ee Rojullo and Bus stop. In later years, he became well-known and directed movies with big stars like Venkatesh.

Maruthi Upcoming Movies List

He created the digital film genre with Ee Rojullo and the horror-comedy genre with Prema Katha. Chitram Maruthi is connected to the movie studio Maruthi Talkies in southern India. Maruthi was given the Best Debutant Director Award by the SIIMA Awards for his work on the movie Ee Rojullo. He is one of the most successful directors in Tollywood right now. He got his start in the business as a co-producer on Premisthe, Aravind’s first full-length movie. Athadu now has a logo because of all the work he did. Dongala Mutha, which was made by Ram Gopal Varma and shot with a 5D camera, came out in 2011 and got Maruthi’s attention because it was cheap to make.

Maruthi Dasari is a well-known Indian director who became famous in the Telugu film industry. Bus Stop was Maruthi’s first movie, but he was unable to finish it. Later, in 2012, he made his first movie as a director. It was a romantic comedy called Ee Rojullo, and it was a big hit. It won the SIIMA Award for Best Debutant Director. He wrote and directed Bus Stop in the second half of 2012. Kotha Janta (2014), Lovers (2014), Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015), and Mahanubhavudu (2015) all came after this (2016). Several of his movies, like Ghajinikanth, Brand Babu, and Shailaja Reddy Alludu, came out in 2018. Next, he made the web series 3 Roses and directed the movies Prathi Roju Pandage (2019) and Manchi Rojulochaie (2020). (2021). And the new movie is making a commercial for Pakka.

Maruthi Upcoming Movies List 2024, 2025

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1The Raja Saab2024

A movie is being made that will star Prabhas and Maruthi. After the first episode of Adhi Purush came out, you could start it. Staying in touch with us is the best way to make sure you don’t miss any important news.

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