Mirai-The Black Sword Glimpse Out Now

Child artist Teja Sajja rose to fame with the Hanu-Man movie. With Hanu-Man, he became known to the whole world.

Now, after the massive success of Hanu-Man, he geared up another unique tale titled ‘Mirai‘. This periodic action drama was directed by Karthik Gattamneni and produced by TG Vishwa Prasad under the banner of People Media Factory.

One month ago, Teja Sajja Glimpse was released by makers from Mirai and that got a tremendous response. Now, on the occasion of Manchu Manoj’s birthday, the makers have released the black sword glimpse, which features rocking star Manchu Manoj Kumar.

Mirai-The Black Sword Glimpse looks stunning, the visuals are no less than Hollywood. It seems like producers are spending a hefty amount on this film.

After a long gap, Manchu Manoj is back with this film. As per the sources, he will be seen as an antagonist in the film. Let’s hope this film will become a great comeback for him.

If you would like to watch Mirai-The Black Sword Glimpse, watch it below.

Bhargav Reddy

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