Mohanlal Kannada Dubbed Movies List, Recently Updated

Mohanlal Kannada Dubbed Movies List: Mohanlal was the main antagonist in Manjil Virinja Pookkal, Fazil’s first film as a filmmaker, which was released in 1980. The movie became a huge hit. Friends of Mohanlal had submitted his application in response to a Navodaya Studio ad. Before a panel of experienced directors, he gave an audition for the part. Two of them gave him low grades because they didn’t like how he looked, while Fazil and Jijo Appachan rated him 90 and 95 out of 100. Mohanlal claimed that his appearance as a young man may have resembled the villain in a Reader’s Digest interview from four years prior.

Mohanlal Kannada Dubbed Movies List, Recently Updated

Here are list of Mohanlal’s Kannada dubbed movies that everyone needs to see at least once.

Mohanlal Kannada Dubbed Movies List

S. No Movie Name In Malayalam Movie Name In Kannada
1 Karmayodha Karmyodha/A.C.P
2 Lucifer Lucifer
3 Kanal Idhu Ondhu Drushya
4 Red Wine Red Wine
5 1971 : Beyond Borders Beyond Borders
6 Pulimurugan Huli Muruga
7 Mizhikal Shakshi Shakshi
8 Yoddha Yodha
9 Abhimanyu Abhimanyu

In 1978, Mohanlal made his acting debut in the movie Thiranottam, which he and a handful of his friends—Maniyanpilla Raju, Suresh Kumar, Unni, Priyadarshan, Ravi Kumar, and others—produced and directed. Mohanlal portrayed Kuttappan, a servant who had mental disabilities. The movie wasn’t released on schedule due to censorship difficulties. The film’s release was delayed by 25 years.

By 1983, Mohanlal had appeared in more than 25 full-length movies, the majority of which featured him in villainous characters. His reputation was altered by movies like Ente Mohangal Poovaninju, Iniyengilum, Visa, Attakkalasham, Kaliyil Alpam Karyam, Ente Mamattukkuttiyammakku, Engane Nee Marakkum, Unaroo, and Sreekrishna Parunthu. [vague] He acquired a “good heart” and became a successful hero because to Sasikumar’s Ivide Thudangunnu. In the 1984 comedy Poochakkoru Mookkuthi, directed by Priyadarshan, Mohanlal performed his first comic lead role in an ensemble cast as a young guy in love with a girl he mistakenly thinks is wealthy. The partnership between Mohanlal and Priyadarshan, who have collaborated on 44 films as of 2016, also got its start with this film.

He produced a song in 1985 for the movie Onnanam Kunnil Oradi Kunnil. His films from this time period include Uyarangalil, Nokketha Doorathu Kannum Nattu, Boeing Boeing, and Aram + Aram = Kinnaram.

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